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The Gift Change Brings

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Being someone who is in Service to Spirit, I have a personal mission statement that I live by; I work for Spirit, am supported by Spirit and free to move on assignment. Everything that I do in life is held up to this statement to see if its alignment with my intention for this lifetime.

With that intention comes a butt load of changes, something that I highly advocate for in everyone’s life, by the way. That being said, change doesn’t come without its panty-twists. Change, while good, even essential, (and by the way, it actually happens whether we want it to or not), comes to us with its own noise-makers. Change comes to shake us loose from our comfort zones and to give us an opportunity to once again live mindfully.

You know yourself once you find a way to get to work, quickly and efficiently, you probably take it over and over without even thinking… without even seeing… without even hearing… without even feeling what’s around you. Mostly we move through life on auto-pilot.

So while annoying, change is our friend. And as with all friendships, there are challenges. One that change brings to us is what my daughter calls Transitional Depression.  Being a basketball referee, she deals with change on a daily basis during the season.

It wasn’t until after an assignment in Hawaii when the friend that accompanied her, confessed that she was having a difficult time getting back into her daily work routine and felt out of sorts. Navigating abrupt changes is tricky and from my daughter’s experiences she gave it the name Transitional Depression, which she deals with the entire season of constantly running… stopping… not only on the court but traveling from game to game as well. Then, one day… you attend the playoff games and it’s all over, much like when the holidays come to an end and we’re left with “Holy shit! Now what?”

This is what I deal with as an adventurer, transitional depression. While off to the next gig… or waiting for an assignment to unfold, there is an anxiousness that accompanies the waiting.  Now, I try to embrace change as the gift that it is. I simply pay attention to how I am feeling. What sort of vices am I tempted to use to numb myself out from being present and mindful in the uncomfortableness of the pause?

That’s the gift that change brings to us; the opportunity to pause, to feel what we’re feeling, to observe what needs healing and to move consciously in a new or different direction in our lives. How do we want to co-create the next phase or chapter? Who do we want to be in the play of our life? What would bring us joy and put a smile on our face? That’s the gift that our friend, change, brings to us. Learn to Embrace Change because… Adventure is Out There!

Article by Pati Hope

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