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Getting What YOU Want by Setting Intentions

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It’s been said that I’m lucky, as I just returned from a three-week trip from Barcelona, Paris, Switzerland, Venice and Rome, then southwestern Ireland, finishing up in Northern Ireland.

But I would argue that luck really had nothing or very little anyway, to do with it. I would say that it was a choice that I made by setting an intention. Let me explain.

For Christmas last year I was given a gift of some money from a dear friend.  After much contemplation, I decided that I wasn’t going to do something practical with it, like pay bills, I will always find money to do that. No, this money would be spent for an experience. So I proposed to my friend, who by the way hasn’t had a vacation for the past several years because of his minding his elderly aunt, that I go visit him in Ireland. He thought the idea was brilliant and even decided that he could get away for a week for a short trip to Europe. Yahoo!


Getting What YOU Want by Setting Intentions

I had set the intention and the universe rose up to meet it. The first that I had heard of universal support was from a session with a shaman. I was making some drastic life changes and was having a hard time trusting that I would be supported financially. He said to me, “The Universe supports people who consciously move through life. I’ve seen it a million times and I can’t imagine it not happening for you!” He was absolutely right… Many years later, I am still living this magically life that doesn’t make any financial sense on paper! I don’t know why it’s such a hard concept to grasp as money is simply an energetic exchange and energy comes in many different forms.

So, when I received the money, I could have either contracted from fear, (pay bills) or expanded and trust. I chose expansion. I chose to have an experience, even though I didn’t know how it could possibly work out. Oh sure, I had enough money to buy a ticket to get me to Ireland and back, but that was all that I knew, the rest, I had to trust, be patient and let it gently unfold with no vested interest in how it would look but to be attentive and conscious in my watching.

While setting the intention is key, not blocking the flow of energy, just because you don’t understand how it can possibly work out, can be the harder part of the equation.

Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t know. Sometimes knowing what you want is the hardest part. But once you figure that out not blocking the flow of energy just because you can’t imagine the possibilities is key. In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice couldn’t imagine impossible things. The queen’s answer: “Why I dare say you haven’t had much practice!”

So let’s explore what not blocking the flow of energy can look like. When I was first learning this concept many moons ago, I was living in an old miner’s shack that I was remodeling. I had completely ripped out the bathroom and was ready to drywall the walls, but had no idea how to do it. At the time, I was working for a lady in town, making minimum wage and she had a friend that did drywall. I had asked him repeatedly to come by and give me an estimate, knowing full well that I had no idea how I would be able to pay for it.

One morning he came into the store, sat in a chair by the front window and I asked him once again. “Can you give me a bid on finishing my bathroom drywall?” “No”, he replied. I was a bit stunned and he continued, “I’m going to do it today!” Shocked, I said, “Here’s what I know. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it, but if you say that you’re coming, I am trusting the money to pay for it will come as well, so YES… do it today!” He did and it did and I had a real bathroom. Why,  because I trusted, said yes, and didn’t block the energetic flow.


So try it for yourself. Set your intention. How? Decide what you want. Write it down and say it out loud. Then get out of the way! Don’t try to figure how you will get it.

God uses the back door and gives eleventh hour information.

God uses the back door. Things often come in a ways that you least expect, so be vigilant in your watch.  And gives eleventh hour information, just when you’re about to give up (let go) things begin to show up.

Here’s what I mean when I say that God uses the backdoor. I was doing an exercise with a client about manifestation and we were to both ask The Universe for a gift within 48 hours. A week came and past and she called to see if I had received my gift. I was so excited to tell her my amazing gift. I was working for a high end spa at the time and on my birthday, because they needed a body to practice on, I received a spa treatment that would have cost over $300 to a guest staying at the ranch and while receiving my treatment, I saw two hummingbirds out the window, which were meaningful to me.

Getting What YOU Want by Setting Intentions

She seemed a bit disappointed and told me that she hadn’t received anything. I asked her to recount for me her past few days, which she did. Then as almost an after thought she added, “Oh yeah, my boyfriend asked me to go on vacation with him for a week, all expenses paid, but I said no because I had to work!”

“Oh my gosh”, I exclaimed, “That was the gift and you said no to it!” Long story short she went on the vacation and had a wonderful, relaxing time, which she had very much needed. God uses the backdoor… things come in ways we don’t expect and sometimes can’t even see unless we’re very observant.


Here’s an example of God giving eleventh hour information. I have a client who had set the intention several years ago that she had wanted to move and pursue a class in teaching yoga. As time passed, she became stuck in her old way of living. I had been on the road for a year and when I returned I called to check in with her. She had to be out of her house in two weeks and had no idea where to begin. She said, “I just decided to surrender, let it all go and then you called. (I help people in transition. She wasn’t ready until she was and when she was, God sent me… eleventh hour!)

So you can try it for yourself. Decide what you want and say yes to the opportunities that present themselves to you. Don’t contract from fear, just follow your heart, and trust that everything that you need will be provided for you. I watch it in my life constantly and so I know that it will happen in yours as well.

If you need a little help doing it, feel free to contact me. Happy manifesting!

Article by Pati Hope

Pati Hope – Author, Founder & Executive Director of Evolve to Live

As the founder of Evolve to Live, a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Educational Outreach organization, Pati is fulfilling a long time dream. By creating this organization, she is bringing her extensive life experiences, skills as an author (three books and counting), inspirational speaker, transitional coach, energy healer and adventurer under one roof to benefit her clients and community. She is passionate about providing workshops, educational outreach, sessions and speaking to groups both large and small to share her insights and experiences.  Pati embodies the mission of Evolve to Live, which is to “Embrace Change and to live life with renewed passion and joy!”

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