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Mindfulness is Also THIS!! French Grocery Stores Provide 10 million Meals to People in Need Every Year by Donating Unsold Food

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Yup, you read it right. France is one step further when it comes down to providing meals to people in dire need. The example of France speaks volumes about collective thinking, and how we are able to distribute and deliver our resources for life more mindfully across our communities.

source: Opposing views video

The fight for hunger and poverty eradication at a world level has measured a significant success once having compared statistics to those of early 1990’s and now. However, we still have a job to do. In the US solely, 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger and are in the dire need for food and help. US grocery stores avoid to donate food as that is not in ther best interest as a company.

On the other side of the world, the policy adopted by the French is something exemplary that we should all follow and apply as legal measure in our socities. It is an act that is in adjustment with the current collective awakening we go through as a civilization, and is defenetly something we need to cherish and pay it forward as a practice.

Below, see video of the French grocery stores providing 10 million meals to people in need every year by donating unsold food. It illustrates a shocking difference between food waste in France and the States:

video source: Opposing views

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