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Free Meditations from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

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There are many ways how you can learn mindfulness meditation. One of them is taking some time to do so online. The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center is one of those online hub points where you can engage for a 6-week online courses you can take at your own pace.

What will you learn from this free meditation course online?

  1. Learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily live through pre-recorded audio classes;
  2. Be able to participate and exchange experiences through discussions forums;
  3. In addition, you go for live chats with experienced instructors and fellow participants.

Before you go, make sure you have all you need to start with your mindfulness meditation classes

What to expect from the free meditation course online by the UCLA center?

This is an excellent course for those beginning meditation. Young people especially can much benefit from it. In overall, it is an excellent introduction to mindfulness. The classes will lay the foundation for a daily meditation practice and provide you with a thorough look at the art and science of mindfulness meditation.

You can also go for this course even if you are more experienced practitioner. It will enable to refresh your knowledge and add on some new ideas how to enforce the mindful practice.


You can sign up here

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