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The Power of Collective Will & Effort Pays Off: Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline Denied

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Federal Government Denies Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline

After months of protests, marches (at multiple locations) and gatherings at the Standing Rock, the water protectors reached an important milestone – the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is officially to be halted and rerouted in 2017. The decision that was reached just a couple of days ago will essentially bring the project to a halt for the moment.

The Army Corps of Engineers has announced earlier this week that it would not allow permission to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Lake Oahe on the Missouri River. This followed after series of disturbing and even unimaginable events where violence was demonstrated upon water protectors, virtually breaking human rights violations to peacefully protest, gather and express opinion. On December 4, the water protectors were also joined by a deployed group of US veterans who also stood with Standing Rock.

According to the initial plan, the pipeline was supposed to have crossed under a reservoir, joining two completed parts of the pipeline together. Yet, the demonstrated will and efforts of the water protectors to raise awareness on this issue did a huge impact. The protests were a loud message that the DAPL project would mean tresspassing on the sacred grounds of the First nations, as well as that might turn as a possibility to polute and treathen the water in the future, in case of a pipeline leak.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members and protesters have been opposed to the project exactly due to the above mentioned reasons. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said in a statement that it “wholeheartedly support[s] the decision of the [Obama] administration,” and urged the incoming Trump administration to “respect this decision and understand the complex process that led us to this point.”

This turn out of events certainly proves that collective effort and will can make a powerful impact and turn in our reality. The Standing Rock protests is something that future generations should recall and learn from. As this is only reaching one milestone, hopefully the whole thing settles for good in 2017.

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