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February Love… Self-Care

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Here we are already nearly half way through February! The month of LOVE.

How we celebrate the month of February has dramatically changed over the years. But no matter how it originated it has evolved into an occasion in which lovers express their love to each other. For many of us, it’s a time when we either celebrate the romantic choices that we’ve made or perhaps dread that we find ourselves all alone.

But February isn’t just about romantic relationships any longer. It too has evolved into a time of celebration of all relationships. Not just lovers send flowers and valentines to family and friends. For those who choose to participate, Valentine’s Day has evolved to a day of celebration of all our relationships and should include the relationship that we have with ourselves.

February Love… Self-Care

We at Evolve to Live would like to suggest that February can be a month to recommit to the relationship that we have with ourselves; celebrating self-love which translates to self-care. We’re nearly half way to September and Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s a perfect time to pause and reflect on how we’re doing with what should be the most important relationship in our life… the one we have with ourselves. Taking time to foster our own ‘best-friend-ness” is what is going to make it possible to love and cherish those around us, from lovers, to family, friends, neighbors and business colleagues.

The most important person in any relationship is YOU! If you’re not meeting your own needs, fulfilling your own life’s purpose, all the flowers, cards and chocolate in the world aren’t going to make you feel better. Make a change for the better… TODAY!

Choose YOU!


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Pati Hope – Author, Founder & Executive Director of Evolve to Live

As the founder of Evolve to Live, a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Educational Outreach organization, Pati is fulfilling a long time dream. By creating this organization, she is bringing her extensive life experiences, skills as an author (three books and counting), inspirational speaker, transitional coach, energy healer and adventurer under one roof to benefit her clients and community. She is passionate about providing workshops, educational outreach, sessions and speaking to groups both large and small to share her insights and experiences.  Pati embodies the mission of Evolve to Live, which is to “Embrace Change and to live life with renewed passion and joy!”

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