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The Essence of Meditation and How to Take It Up

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Not able to clear your mind?

Most of us spend a significant chunk of time worrying about self care—and a lot less actually doing anything about it.

Meditation has for long been the answer to achieving a healthier state of mind. It is one of the most convenient, least stressful and expensive as well as the easiest solution to improving our all round wellness. In addition to an overall calmer state, it also helps in reducing blood pressure, improving lungs and breathing, regulating your body and so on..

In spite of this, most attempts to clear one’s mind end up with a totally different outcome. This is despite the plethora of trainers, instructors, websites and apps ready to help you with guided meditations, yoga poses, immersive sounds, smells and whatnot designed to nurture wellness in our daily lives.

Here’s our two bits on how to become a more mindful individual.

Though meditation can take many forms, in any of them mindfulness is not about getting rid of thoughts altogether. Often you may find your mind wandering off in the middle of a session – say wistfully thinking of a recent vacation – then you need to acknowledge that your mind has wandered and bring yourself back to the present. No need to be too harsh on yourself. It can happen to everyone.

Accept that our brain is designed to think and meditation is not a way to stop the process, but recognize the thoughts. Meditation works to focus the mind into the present moment.

Most people can’t spare the time to practice mindfulness. Remember, the key is to be consistent. Practicing regularly, even for just a few minutes daily can be more effective than a random hour long session. Think of it as a daily routine – like brushing your teeth – to refresh your mind.

It’s best, but not necessary to meditate soon after waking up or before bedtime. You can squeeze it in whenever you have some free time. Find the time in your day somewhere, off your social media networks or gossip at the office water cooler.

It’s not necessary to sign up for daily Yoga Teacher Training classes or take a trip to Bali to make meditation an integral part of your life. You just have to start off. Find a few minutes a day, pay attention to what’s happening in your mind, and just allow it to be what it is. Just think about how you can better yourself.

Remember, meditation is not about achieving enlightenment. It is about observing the patterns of your own mind and developing a greater sense of intimacy with yourself. It’s called a practice for a reason—it takes time and practice to feel the effects.


About the author:  Tracey Rohan-Irwin

Tracey has worked extensively in the field of fitness and health since her early twenties. With a background in fitness training and holistic living, she started off as a personal trainer for private and corporate clients, and has continued on her own personal journey through the study of yoga and other spiritual disciplines. She travels all over the world, seeking out the best teachers in areas of fitness and health to bring a wealth of knowledge to her own yoga teacher training.


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