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Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link , Meditation Talks Healing Trending 

Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link

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Dolphins are known for quite some impressive accomplishments. Setting aside the fact they can make a house out of the fatal vast ocean, they whirl and can jump through the atmosphere with little effort. But their abilities might not stop with just their physical capabilities. There are numerous theories that indicate that dolphins have a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link , Meditation Talks

It has been understood for a while that dolphins are intelligent, capable to learn, and have a very natural understanding of social groups. Part of their capability has to do with the limbic systems within their brains, which substantially, like people, enables dolphins to process emotions.

But dolphins seem that are evolving fast. Their growth is so big that they are developing an entirely new lobe. Dolphins, as seen as extremely social creatures are believed to have their new lobe developed thanks to a collective consciousness that is remarkable among this specie. The new lobe enables them to interlink collectively. Advice and emotions likewise can be passed on without physical contact, and they can also effortlessly bond even with a receiver even if it is a human.

The theory is by writer Susan Casey, even though it sets her in the cross-hairs. Scientists have claimed that there simply is not enough evidence to affirm this theory, in spite of the present understanding of dolphin brains. Perhaps, someday, we will know for sure how in-depth the dolphins bond function.

Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link , Meditation Talks

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