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Cooking Up a Fabulous Year!

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Ignite the Most Incredible, Awesome, Glorious Twelve Months of Your Life!

Have you noticed a growing chasm between where you are in your life and where you want to go? Does your self-esteem need some shine? Have you succeeded in answering your wake-up call? Do you still put the needs of others way ahead of your own? Are you looking for tools to overcome patterns of self-sabotage? Yearning for more? Are you unwilling to settle for an ordinary, mundane life? Here’s the great news…you do not need to settle!

Join celebrated Hay House Author Denise Linn as she shares little-known secrets to assist you in clearing out your old limiting patterns and uncovering what it is your Soul really wants … and then hyper-manifesting your dreams so that your coming year can rock! Follow the easy steps offered in this groundbreaking Online Course, and your life will transform in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. The time is NOW!

Lesson 1: Jump-Start Your Incredible Year! Clear Out the Old to Bring in the New
Your inner beliefs and decisions are the invisible forces that determine your life, but the good news is any negative habits and limiting patterns that may be holding you back can change! It’s true!

If you sometimes feel a bit stuck, it’s probably because of conditioning from your early childhood (and beyond). Even if you’ve had those blockages for a long time, there has never been a better time to release them. In this dynamic online event you’ll be taken on personal inner journeys to unlock inhibitors to your success. Experience a live Past Life Regression (that you can play over and over again) to clear blockages from the far past. Go on a live cellular journey to clear blockages from your childhood and even from your bloodline.

You’ll also learn:
– The five things you can do to sky-rocket your year
– How to use your body as your source of power
– A meditation secret that can change your life
– How to use clutter clearing as modern day alchemy

As an added bonus, Meadow Linn will introduce you to Karma Clearing Meals and 3 ways you can use your meals to clear out the old and invite the new!

Lesson 2: Pulling Out The Stops: What is Your Soul Telling You?
When what you consciously desire is in alignment with what your soul desires…true miracles abound! In order to get what you want, you must know what you want. In this vibrant event, discover what your Soul REALLY wants. Often we want what we think we should want, which often has been programmed by our family, upbringing, friends, society, television ads, etc.. . . but it’s only when you delve deep into the depth of your soul that you discover your true heart desire. (You may be surprised.)

You’ll also experience:
– A Live Soul Journey to the Sacred Temple to discover what your Soul wants you to know
– Special questions that can change your life:
– Learn the question you should NEVER ask yourself
– Learn the question to CONTINUOUSLY ask yourself that can powerfully transform your life.
– Five key questions to get to your source
– How to create a Vision Seed Collage that really works! (Find out the secret way that it shows what your Soul is trying to tell you.)
– The power of discovering your 100 dreams (if this doesn’t make sense… it will!)

As an added bonus, Meadow Linn will show you how to create a meal that truly feeds your soul. Discover how to increase the frequency of the food you eat to propel you toward your destiny.

Lesson 3: Stepping into Your Majesty: the Most Incredible Year of your Life
After clearing blockages and getting crystal clear on your dreams, it’s time to generate a sparkling spiral of energy to manifest your dreams for the 12 months ahead. Using little-known, easy methods, you’ll discover how the year ahead can sparkle with delight, adventure and love.

Learn how to:
– Create an “As If” gathering that majestically makes your dreams real
– Write the letter that can change everything
– Create a Miracle Box and how it can positively influence your future.
– Make a God Box/Creator Box/Goddess Box . . . it’s a powerful way to step beyond the dross
– Feel and hear your guardian angels and master guides, not just pray to them, to become a magnet for miracles,
– Celebrate the success of others and how it helps you succeed in leaps and bounds.
– Experience a powerful live Soul Journey to empower the 12 months ahead with love, vitality, abundance (This can be played again and again to deepen the new energy ahead.)

As an added bonus: Meadow Linn will help you discover how to create a meal that helps manifest your dreams. You may be surprised how easy and fun it is.

This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.

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