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Challenge: Global News – Rewriting Headlines & Projecting Positive Future on Earth

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Towards a positive future. Your voice matters. Your words can stimulate action and change our reality

The challenge:Future global youth think-DO-tank has launched a new challenge during the course of November & will be open for everybody until 15th of January, 2017.

What’s the challenge about?

Giving a quick analysis on world’s headlines and news today, you will see that a large portion of them [especially news on happenings in our society], if not more than 70% speak about something bad that has happened in some country. It’s not anymore the question “What shocked you during last month?”, moreover, it’s “What shocked you today?”

If you are Turkish, was it something that happened on the border with Syria, or latest car bomb in Istanbul? Possibly, the same news have shocked somebody cross-borders.

If you were from Poland or Belarus, was it that government starts logging in Bialowieza Forest, the last remaining European primeval forest?

Did you maybe find it uncanny that by 2050, some say that we will have sex with robots?

The headline could be anything!


Moreover, connect with your personal experiences. Was somebody you know at Standing Rock attacked by police forces? Which news shocked you during the US elections in 2016? Are you worried about climate change and its growing effects on the well of Mother Nature?

We consume these types of headlines that shake the nation and the world on a daily basis. So much so, many of us have become immune – does it shock us anymore? How do we respond to such news?

The latest online initiative from challenge:Future is an open opportunity for us as a collective to build a counter-narrative that responds to these type of news. It is a momentum where we altogether project a more positive future by re-writing the global headlines and news.

How you can participate?

If you wish to participate, sign up at the challenge:Future platform here & proceed to submit your entry at the open event here.

The best submissions will be rewarded with gifts prepared by challenge:Future community members. 

Participants and curious minds can follow the developments on this challenge by using these hashtags over social media: #CFvoices, #challengeglobalnews

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