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Prayer to the Himalayas

Written by: Manishi KC Tenzing was a thirteen-year-old kid living with his parents in the remote part of the Himalayas in Northern Nepal. He spent his days going to school, playing with his friends and helping his parents with household chores.  He lived a very ordinary life. Tenzing barely knew anything about life outside the village. The farthest he had been away from home was his Uncle’s house, a rural village about forty kilometers away. Tenzing had never seen a car, television or a telephone, only aeroplanes flying in the…

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Douglas H. Melloy: The Significance of U.F.O.s

The subject of Unidentified Flying Objects has no doubt been a topic of conversation since the beginnings of the earliest forms of communication. There is a connection between the U.F.O. and the God of all that is. Their role and purpose is to bring every Source and every soul that is housed within a body to this planet. In order for the soul to go home it needs to do so by the same U.F.O. that brought it before it incarnated into a body. This requires knowing which one brought…

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Spring Cleaning for the Heart, Mind, and Body

As the cool air finally leaves us and brings instead sunshine and warmth, we turn to the task of spring cleaning. For some, this is a dreaded part of the year. For others, it’s a way to start fresh and live each year better than the last. Instead of only focusing on your home this season, rejuvenate your spirit and soul by giving your heart, mind, and body a cleansing of their own. Taking a time-out from your stressful life to focus on self-care is an important part of staying…

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The Gift Change Brings

Being someone who is in Service to Spirit, I have a personal mission statement that I live by; I work for Spirit, am supported by Spirit and free to move on assignment. Everything that I do in life is held up to this statement to see if its alignment with my intention for this lifetime. With that intention comes a butt load of changes, something that I highly advocate for in everyone’s life, by the way. That being said, change doesn’t come without its panty-twists. Change, while good, even essential,…

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A. G. Billig: "I believe that life's about finding our way back to love", MeditationTalks Relationships Trending 

A. G. Billig: “I believe that life’s about finding our way back to love”

One way or another, love plays an essential part in the human experience on this planet. It is a topic that for centuries has been tackled by poets, writers, moreover common people. On the other hand, show business, TV and film industry have all well influenced how we should or should not conceptualize and depict love, or what to expect from our relationships with other people whether they be our parents, friends or romantic partners. Undoubtedly, love is a huge topic, and in this issue at Meditation Talks, we just…

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Numerology toolkit for a quick ‘scan’ of people around you

How to objectively understand reality to help you in accepting people for who they are. Most likely everybody experienced a situation when he or she felt misunderstood. A situation where getting your point across to the other person became an impossible task and even to your own amazement you were unable to figure out why the other person doesn’t understand your position – which for you was pretty obvious. But have you thought about the possibility to switch the positions with the other person, look through their eyes and then…

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Create your very own Personal Word for 2017

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has past and we’re at the end of the first month of the New Year. Perhaps now you can take a moment just for you and ask yourself this question; If you could use one word to sum up what you’d like to place your focus on for the New Year, what would it be? In other words, if you had one or two words that you can use as a guide… sort of a mission statement to hold up as a check for…

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Written by Steven Nobel I worked in the 3D System for Many Years…. I want to talk today on the subject of money and Scare-City Consciousness. To begin this piece let me give you a little background. I worked in international banking for a decade and to be honest I had no idea what was going on there. I know I felt very uncomfortable in that environment. For many years, I put it down merely to a clash of values, and this was certainly going on. You see I believe…

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29 Reasons Why Your Name is No Accident. Decode Your Destiny, Meditation Talks Healing Health Trending 

16 Signs You Might Have Super Healing Powers

With the vast mysteries of the world around us, it is definite that we each have unique characteristics and talents that have been nurtured more than others. As we grow, it is important for us to be able to understand fully what these strengths are and to determine how we can use them. One important element is that of healing. Healers have been among us for centuries but with the rise of modern advancements, we are slowly failing to recognize our own innate healing abilities. So go ahead and check…

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Could Musical Frequencies Have Healing Powers?

The power of music goes back to the ancient history of humanity’s past. Whether it’s the message being sung, or the rhythm of it’s song, music is powerful. Anyone with ears has turned to music to reduce the symptoms of stress, but until recently, the effects of music have been passed off as some urban legend. Now science is finally studying the area of musical phenomena, and some interesting things have been discovered. There’s much to be studied and confirmed, but there are some fascinating scientific discoveries that have people…

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