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7 Easy Ways To Connect Spiritually With Yourself

Spirituality means the search for a significant relationship with something greater than yourself that can lead to favorable feelings, including peace, happiness, acceptance, thankfulness, and awe.  You can know that spirituality is a broad topic for it has many connotations that are varying with different perspectives or views.  It usually involves a search for meaning in life and it generally involves a feeling of association with something greater than us. Spirituality means the search for a significant relationship with something greater than yourself that can lead to favorable feelings, including…

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How To Use Cannabis During Meditation

For reasons from basic stress alleviation to increasing cognitive attention to deeper spirituality, people meditate. Many meditation practitioners perceive themselves and reality in a clearer light when moving beyond the usual patterns of thought of the mind. In general, these practitioners seek to reconcile and attain liberation or moksha with final or divine consciences. Wake up and feel comfortable. Right now. I’m awake. Such phrases are often used as a relaxation summary. But you have always dipped your toe to the same ice if you have ever had the pleasure…

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5 Natural Cures For Stress

Stress has affected more lives than you know. Stress, if left untreated, can turn into depression, and it is something that eventually eats you up. According to the report by World Health Organization, aka WHO, more than 3 billion people in the world are currently suffering from stress-related psychological disorders; whereas, around 2 billion people are suffering from anxiety-related disorders that is quite an alarming thing. Thankfully, stress and related disorders are treatable, and recovery rate is remarkable too. Stress doesn’t stand independently; it brings along a number of other…

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5 Yoga Asana for Better Inner Health

Life is stressful nowadays. We often neglect ourselves for so many responsibilities like work, marriage, family, and children. We often choose our work over our health. So many times, it’s impossible for us to go to the gym to exercise. Here, the role of yoga begins. Here is how you can give 10 minutes to yoga daily to keep yourself healthy for life. The first choice of health seekers around the world is yoga. Till a few years back, there was this assumption that yoga is only for sages and…

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5 Benefits of Using Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Article By Dale Vernor As many of you already know, mindfulness can help you with so many things in life. One of the most amazing things mindfulness can help you with is to overcome an addiction. Many people who have suffered from an addiction to alcohol or drugs have used mindfulness and meditation to help them, not only get clean and sober, but live a fulfilling life in recovery as well. If you suffer from an addiction to any harmful substance, you can use mindfulness and meditation to help you…

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Most beautiful Zen places in Japan for your inspiration

Article by Nina Simons What do you get when you combine breath-taking landmarks, interesting historic sites, cultural spots and unique floral displays? Yes, you guessed it right; it is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Japan. Japan is the top place where travelers should go to get inspired and reconnected with their inner being. In fact, many swear by the Zen principles. To be exact, Zen refers to the act of meditation in Japanese culture; it is directly connected to balance and absolute harmony. However, if you…

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11 Mindful Tips to Achieve a Balanced Life

Written By Om Singh “Life is a balance of holding on & letting go”– Rumi. Life, in many ways, is nothing but a game of balancing its baronies while keeping your happiness quotient at optimum levels. Remember going to circuses in your childhood and clapping at the clowns who walked the tightrope making sure to balance their pace and movements? Adulthood is nothing more than camouflaging your fear as a feeble smile, pursuing your goals, constantly battling the pain of letting go of something or someone and dithering what to…

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7 Employee Wellness Ideas That Your Team Will Love

Article by Om Singh Wellness ideas are considered as a ‘good-once-in-a-while’ thing rather than ‘necessity’ for a team or a corporate as a whole. These programs are often accepted as an option to alleviate the stress levels, and boost the performance of your team when you have all the others ducks in a row. But the reality is that if you continue to keep the plans on the shelf or put off employee-wellness efforts, then rest assured, everything shall crumble down to pieces. Why are Employee Wellness Initiatives so important?…

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How Meditation Changes Your Brain

To someone who’s never done meditation before, it may seem like a complete waste of time. After all, what you see is just someone sitting quietly, practicing deep breathing or saying “om” for minutes at a time, doing nothing else. In reality, meditation causes some profound changes in your brain.Because it was difficult to see the changes happening in our brains, it was impossible to prove meditation’s effects. That is, until a few years ago. Thanks to fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans, we can now map out the brain…

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How to Enlighten your Soul through Meditation

In this increasingly capitalist and consumerist world, we are undeniably being devoured by the demands of today’s society. Keeping up with the current trends in social media alone consumes not only our time and money, but also our thoughts. By trying to capture that Instagram worthy photo, we lose focus on things that truly matter in our lives.  As such, we need to regain this focus by transferring our energies. Instead of competing with the social trends, we should pause and get a good look of ourselves. Just like the…

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