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scientific facts about practicing yoga Science & Tech Trainings Trending Yoga 

The Science of Yoga & What It Means to Us?

Want could possibly an Indian mystic and brain scientists with all latest gadgetry can have in common? Thousands of year back into the ancient world, people would leave the havoc of their own village, finding solace in the forest so they could reflect on their own inner experiences. What they would look within themselves is myriads of thoughts and emotions. Of course, those thoughts and emotions seemed to cause anxiety, but they did find methods how they could change their state of mind. Fast forward into the early 2000’s, scientists would…

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Grippz Mats: Cure the Stress of Just Getting to Yoga Class, Meditation Talks Trainings Trending Yoga 

Grippz Mats: Cure the Stress of Just Getting to Yoga Class

I’m asked every day how I healed myself from Lyme disease, a chronic, debilitating, and so-called “incurable” problem, but I’m not just surviving, I’m thriving! Acupressure and yoga reduced my stress, boosted my immune system and increased my energy They not only helped me to overcome Lyme disease, but afterwards with my overall health and well-being, but the time the classes took was a definite issue. It was so stressful, running straight from a business meeting to make it to my yoga class on time, and then jumping off my…

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Meet Yogi Curing Anxiety PTSD Jaw Dropping Yoga Moves Trainings Trending Yoga 

Meet The Yogi Curing Anxiety & PTSD Through Jaw-Dropping Yoga Moves

Heidi Williams has been a rape victim and sufferer of PTSD, anxiety, and major depression. When she almost lost her 6-month-old child, she even attempted to commit suicide. Nevertheless, it is surprising to see how people transform by practicing yoga. The meditative practice is known for helping millions of people become at peace with themselves. Some people use it as a way to get their heart well, others to raise spiritually and raise stress from daily lives. Moreover, yoga brings about unique restorative abilities and cures mental diseases or in…

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39 Instances When Animals Did Yoga Better Than Their Humans

Yoga is for sure getting more and more popular. I mean, not only humans but also animals love to take the pose and get their namaste on! And you must admit – after seeing some animal yoga postures, you will admit they do it much better than humans. Just see this cat #1 & then start slide show to see 38 more instances when animals did yoga better than their human fellows! Wait until you see #33! Yes, and would still love to chase my tail!

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Rage Yoga Encourages Posing, Cursing, Drinking & Listening Metal , Meditation Talks Trainings Yoga 

‘Rage Yoga’ Encourages Posing While Cursing, Drinking, and Listening to Metal

photo credit: theplaidzebra “It’s boring”, that’s a common saying among people who do not practice yoga and do not find it compelling. And it’s a fair statement – some people just do not see themselves as the kind of person who can discharge anxiety and rage in things like yoga. They would rather just go for kickboxing. Or, since recently, they can go for “Rage Yoga” Created by a Calgary, a Canadian named Lindsay-Marie Istace after “the really painful breakup of a long term relationship,” Rage Yoga is meant for those…

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