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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga Healing Health Lifestyle Trending Yoga 

Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Relaxation and using what nature has given us can improve our lives considerably. The stress of our 21st-century lifestyle can drain our bodies of health, our eating habits are also often unhealthy due to this stressful fast paced living. The truth is that our western lifestyle is killing us. Obesity and overweight problems go hand in hand with it. Embarking on a new way of living can be overwhelming. You will be changing the habits of a lifetime. Loving your body and looking after it is a mindset. The aim…

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Brahma Muhurta-Waking Up at this Time Will bring You Greater Results in Your Life Health Lifestyle Meditation Trending Yoga 

Brahma Muhurta-Waking Up at this Time Will bring You Greater Results in Your Life

In western culture waking up early is a daunting task.  In fact, if we could sleep in longer everyday it is believed that we will get rid of the sludge in our bodies.  We have been taught that getting as much sleep as possible will re-energize and rejuvenate us in our lives.  There are very few things that farmers and businessmen have in common.  However, this habit seems to follow a myriad of successful individuals, powerhouses, professional athletes and yes, the occasional billionaires.  So how does a farmer get in…

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Lifestyle Trending Yoga 

Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it

Yoga mat as a silent partner Unlike other exercise program which requires you to use different machines and equipment, yoga as a discipline does not need much but a mat. One of the first few essentials that you should buy in addition to a yoga outfit is a yoga mat that will serve as your silent partner in all the yoga routines and movement that you will accomplish during your yoga sessions. Another essential that should be part of your shopping list when starting yoga is the yoga mat bag,…

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Meditation Yoga 

My first Spiritual Travel- Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga Centre

Article by Rahul Yuvi I am writing  this blog just as a seeker, as someone who has eventually developed that strong urge  to explore beyond the physical world . I am not a follower of any particular spiritual ideology or Guru ji as such , though I respect them all. After  necessary overview and details ,I will be  sharing my experience as what exactly I felt at Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga Centre and will try answering questions which generally bother people on this journey – Is there really something Divine there ?…

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33 Animals Who will Inspire You to Start Doing Yoga in 2017

These Animals Show Us That Anyone Can Do Yoga Yoga is for sure getting more and more popular. I mean, not only humans but also animals love to take the pose and get their namaste on! And you must admit – after seeing some animal yoga postures, you will admit they do it much better than humans. Start slide show to see 33 instances when animals did yoga better than their human fellows! Wait until you see #18!

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best meditation and yoga retreats in the US, MeditationTalks Healing Meditation Trainings Trending Yoga 

22 Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats in the US. Wait until you see what we keep for you at #22

These are the Best Spiritual & Yoga Retreats across the US & beyond Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway where you can practice yoga, a meditation retreat to re-connect with nature, or want to take classes and learn about a new ancient healing technique from top experts in the field, you are looking at the right page. A meditation & yoga retreat will help you revitalize your body, recharge your energy and cleanse your aura, all along as you connect with an amazing network of like-minded people and benefit…

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scientific facts about practicing yoga Science & Tech Trainings Trending Yoga 

The Science of Yoga & What It Means to Us?

Want could possibly an Indian mystic and brain scientists with all latest gadgetry can have in common? Thousands of year back into the ancient world, people would leave the havoc of their own village, finding solace in the forest so they could reflect on their own inner experiences. What they would look within themselves is myriads of thoughts and emotions. Of course, those thoughts and emotions seemed to cause anxiety, but they did find methods how they could change their state of mind. Fast forward into the early 2000’s, scientists would…

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Grippz Mats: Cure the Stress of Just Getting to Yoga Class, Meditation Talks Trainings Trending Yoga 

Grippz Mats: Cure the Stress of Just Getting to Yoga Class

I’m asked every day how I healed myself from Lyme disease, a chronic, debilitating, and so-called “incurable” problem, but I’m not just surviving, I’m thriving! Acupressure and yoga reduced my stress, boosted my immune system and increased my energy They not only helped me to overcome Lyme disease, but afterwards with my overall health and well-being, but the time the classes took was a definite issue. It was so stressful, running straight from a business meeting to make it to my yoga class on time, and then jumping off my…

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Meet Yogi Curing Anxiety PTSD Jaw Dropping Yoga Moves Trainings Trending Yoga 

Meet The Yogi Curing Anxiety & PTSD Through Jaw-Dropping Yoga Moves

Heidi Williams has been a rape victim and sufferer of PTSD, anxiety, and major depression. When she almost lost her 6-month-old child, she even attempted to commit suicide. Nevertheless, it is surprising to see how people transform by practicing yoga. The meditative practice is known for helping millions of people become at peace with themselves. Some people use it as a way to get their heart well, others to raise spiritually and raise stress from daily lives. Moreover, yoga brings about unique restorative abilities and cures mental diseases or in…

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