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Rezvanesque: “There is Geometry in Everything. There is a rhythm in everything”

Learn about Rezvan Farahany’s Active Meditation/Soft Focus method “There is geometry in everything. There is a rhythm in everything. Our universe is based on rhythms; based on patterns. Our body works based on a rhythm. Cell division is based on a rhythm. What happens when the rhythm is broken? We call that cancer, disease, illness, unstable emotions, anxiety, entropy. This rhythm, this intelligence, is embedded in our genome. Any live entity at any point in time is simply dancing to that rhythm, that intelligent harmonious beat that translates into a physical existence;…

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Mindfulness in Plain English, Bhante Gunaratana Meditation Trainings 

Mindfulness in Plain English

Probably one of the most practical, nuts-and-bolts guides to meditation practice you will ever read Bhante Henelopa Gunaratana is foreknown for being the founding abbot of the Bhavana Society. Born in Sri Lanka, he Henelopa Gunaratana has been a monk since the age of 12 and had taken full ordination at age 20 in the now distant 1947. He came to the US in 1968 and had written and published numerous books, including the now-classic meditation manual Mindfulness in Plain English  and its companion Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness. Some people…

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Free Meditations from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

There are many ways how you can learn mindfulness meditation. One of them is taking some time to do so online. The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center is one of those online hub points where you can engage for a 6-week online courses you can take at your own pace. What will you learn from this free meditation course online? Learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily live through pre-recorded audio classes; Be able to participate and exchange experiences through discussions forums; In addition, you go for live chats…

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How Meditation & Mindful Practices Change the Brain and Body Healing Health Meditation Trainings 

How Meditation & Mindful Practices Change the Brain and Body

It is already a popular talk that meditation and other related mindful practices have a plethora of benefits for the human brain and body. Sitting down for at least 20 mins of meditation per day, or engaging with alternative practice like knitting or coloring is proved to reduce stress and prevent risks of various diseases. Meditation and mindful practices enable the individual who practice meditation to improve their well being, as well as to recharge the brain. A recently published study also confirms even new evidence of how meditation and mindful…

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U.S. Elections day, meditate to elevate the vote, Meditation Trainings Trending 

30,805 People Meditated in Over 1,480 Locations Across the World on U.S. Elections Day

Thousands Gather to Raise the Vibration on U.S. Elections Day It was an inspiring and powerful experience led from the footsteps of the Texas State Capitol where 250+ people gathered in the rain to meditate and raise the vibration of the election and the nation Our friends from the SHIFT network have organized a DAY OF HEALING this Sunday November 13th, just following the U.S. election days on Tuesday. The event featured inspiration speakers like Marianne Williamson, Sister Jenna, and more, and the even built it up after the U.S….

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Awaken Your Higher Consciousness by Watching Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Meditation Trainings 

Awaken Your Higher Consciousness by Watching Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

There is one vibratory field which connects all things in our world. The Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Shmidt sublimated his own advenutres with meditation in 2012, with the release of his astounding documentary work Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds #1 Akasha video source: AwakenTheWorldFilm The part I, ties to the Akasha, the Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, the dark energy, and a thousand other namings of what is the vibratory field throughout history. Daniel Shmidt’s work speaks volumes about the foundation of all…

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how to do meditation, Meditation Talks Astrology Meditation Trainings 

Ancient Indian Meditation Technique of 108

Learning how to meditate may much resemble of being an infant who is learning how to walk. It is something you complete as a essential life skill as you fall down many many times, but eventually you master the skill somehow – you find your way. Similar as to meditation, at first you might be skeptical, uncertain, unsure of what you are doing, or if you are doing it right, or wondering why you are doing it. Bit later, the benefits from learning how to meditate return for the good to…

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How to Prepare for Meditation?

Beginning Level & Learning How to Do Meditation? This Read Should Help You Out! What are the real powers of meditation? Is it only its purpose to handle out only stress, to allow the practitioner to just forget about it all and find a getaway from the daily havoc. We may regard this as the stereotype image and use of meditation, but as a young person beginning meditation you will be able to discover by far more important values of doing daily meditation exercises. You will soon realize that most basic…

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free 21-day meditation with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra Meditation Trainings Trending 

Join Oprah and Deepak for FREE 21-Day Meditation

Free Meditation Opportunity Starting 31 October 2016 Join Oprah and Deepak for FREE 21-Day Meditation to connect with your innate core of peace and love. Leave self-judgment and conflict behind as you transform every relationship into one of loving kindness. Embrace your inner peace and let it illuminate every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your community, and even the world. Your transformation starts on Monday, October 31st in Oprah and Deepak’s all-new, free 21-Day Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out – see more here Video…

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police force takes on meditation Meditation Trainings Trending 

These Images Will Change the Way You View Our Police Force!

Police officers meditate before reaching the roads to bring peace to our folks. Source: West End Buddhist Temple A temple was attended by officers from Ontario’s Peel Regional Police last week for a lecture on mindfulness meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Meditation is a means of transforming the thoughts. Buddhist meditation practices are a serene seeing of the authentic nature of things, and techniques that support and develop concentration, clarity, mental positivity. You learn the routines and customs of your head by participating with a specific meditation practice, and the practice…

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