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how to have an extraordinary 2017, Meadow Linn Events Trainings Trending 

Cooking Up a Fabulous Year!

Ignite the Most Incredible, Awesome, Glorious Twelve Months of Your Life! Have you noticed a growing chasm between where you are in your life and where you want to go? Does your self-esteem need some shine? Have you succeeded in answering your wake-up call? Do you still put the needs of others way ahead of your own? Are you looking for tools to overcome patterns of self-sabotage? Yearning for more? Are you unwilling to settle for an ordinary, mundane life? Here’s the great news…you do not need to settle! Join…

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Making Your Mind Matter Online Course Events Trainings 

Making Your Mind Matter Online Course

Training Your Brain to Create the Life You Want If you believe, even just the tiniest bit, that your thoughts create your reality, Dr. Dispenza’s new online course, Making Your Mind Matter, will take you from believing to actually living your new reality. If you’re ready to create a new future, to go beyond your emotional addictions and negative emotional states of being to heal your health and magnetize all you desire in your life, Making Your Mind Matter is not only the right course for you, but an answer…

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Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut with Stan Grof Events Trainings 

Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut with Stan Grof

Are you called to adventure beyond your ordinary mind to pioneer a new understanding of life — one more deeply connected to the cosmos? Have you been intrigued by, or perhaps even experienced firsthand, how the power of altered states, including shamanic consciousness, can transform your life? If so, you may be primed to discover the “Way of the Psychonaut.” Like the adventurers of old who fearlessly journeyed beyond the boundaries of the physical map, modern “psychonaut” explorers are venturing beyond the map of psychology into new realms of human…

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See David Icke at His 'World Wide Wake Up Tour', meditation talks Events Trainings 

See David Icke at His ‘World Wide Wake Up Tour’

Want to know more about world leaders and authorities who have placed an Orwellian agenda for humanity? Or who really hides behind terrorism? How does the machinery of mass media is connected to all that and how misinformation function at its best  in times of havoc and uncertainty? Further on, interested on even more gravely serious topics like World War III? Oh, wait a minute, isn’t WWIII already ongoing? However, isn’t it just taking a sort of new and different format? Like a war on information? Transmuting from previous forms…

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The Next Level of Spiritual Practice with Patricia Albere Events Trainings 

The Next Level of Spiritual Practice with Patricia Albere

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in your spiritual practice — one that takes you beyond your sometimes isolating solo practice into a living, evolving field of mutual awakening? For too long we’ve fixated on individual growth, much to the detriment of learning to live and grow in a larger field of shared intelligence. We haven’t learned to awaken TOGETHER, and without access to the creative and liberating power of the group field, our spiritual progress has slowed. On Saturday, November 19, The Shift Network is excited to present…

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shamanic journeying practices, Hank Wesselman Events Trainings Trending 

Unveiling Your Oversoul with Hank Wesselman

What if you could discover time-tested shamanic journeying practices from ancient and traditional lineages — and journey to connect with the “Oversoul” of your Higher Self as a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness? It’s a fascinating possibility! If you’re not familiar with the Oversoul, it’s the part of your being that connects you to other realms, times, dimensions and places. Becoming aware of your Oversoul can help you reestablish connections with helpful spirits in other realms, and offer clarity and wisdom for moving your life forward. If you’d like…

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2-Day Intensive Workshop for Writers in Las Vegas Events Trainings 

2-Day Intensive Workshop for Writers in Las Vegas

2-Day Intensive Workshop – Saturday & Sunday – April 8-9, 2017 Dates: Saturday-Sunday, April 8-9, 2017 Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm daily Are you a writer with a great book idea with a strong desire to be published? Do you just need the insider scoop on how to perfect and publish your book? This is the workshop for you! Enter Hay House’s contest for YOUR chance to publish a book with them and become a New York Times best-selling author! The Writer’s Workshop will give you the combined wisdom of more than…

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Supercharge Your Chakra Practice with Anodea Judith, MeditationTalks Events Healing Trainings Trending 

Make Every Cell in Your Body Awaken and Rejoice!

Supercharge Your Chakra Practice with Anodea Judith You’ve probably heard a fair amount about chakra energy centers from yogis, healers and alternative health practitioners. But how do you actually use this knowledge to access a dynamic, always-on flow of life energy to enhance your wellbeing, relationships, sex life, power, vitality and creativity? Fortunately, there are very practical and simple ways to work with chakras, which allow you to tap into a vast field of energy whenever you need it. Unfortunately, most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well…

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The Enlightened Business Summit. Growing Businesses That Can Truly Change the World

Do you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come? Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels… However, running a business that is aligned with your values and vision can also be extremely challenging. The good news is that these challenges can be great catalysts for your growth and success! That’s why we are excited to invite you to The Enlightened Business Summit, a free online event that will help YOU launch and grow a profitable business in…

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Heaven on Earth Summit, Meditation Talks Events Trainings Trending 

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth Summit

Do you sometimes worry about humanity’s capacity for real change? The kind of change that will end the worst kinds of suffering and injustice and enable every being in our world to thrive and share their deepest gifts. Regardless of your skepticism (or even your despair), in your heart you probably hold some kind of vision that such a world is possible. We also believe it’s possible to make this dream our reality, but it takes evolving ourselves AND our society. It’s time to blend our highest hopes for humanity with…

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