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Numerology toolkit for a quick ‘scan’ of people around you

How to objectively understand reality to help you in accepting people for who they are. Most likely everybody experienced a situation when he or she felt misunderstood. A situation where getting your point across to the other person became an impossible task and even to your own amazement you were unable to figure out why the other person doesn’t understand your position – which for you was pretty obvious. But have you thought about the possibility to switch the positions with the other person, look through their eyes and then…

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Astrology Relationships 

5 Simple Steps To Recognise Your Ideal Partner

Written by: Tilen Nikiforov (Slovenia) Astrology offers multitude of chances for practical use. One of the most common is for finding partner or analyzing if your existing partnership is destined for success using the stars as guidance. Let’s walk together down this path and try to practically determine the value of astrology in this field. I will share 5 practical steps you can take to determine what type of a partner would be suitable for you. Are you ready? Let’s go! 1.  Dismiss everything you might have heard about certain sun signs…

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astrology weather forecast, MeditationTalks Astrology Trainings 

Astrology as a Weather Forecast

Article by Tilen Nikiforov (Slovenia) Astrology is a dividing topic among many people. Some put total faith in it, while some are vigorously opposing it. Just recently I spoke to a colleague of mine, who mentioned his total dread of astrology. “Why are you afraid of astrology?” I asked him with a slight amazement. “Because I don’t want the stars to determine me. I want to be a free man, with my own decisions”, he replied. His response made me realize that this viewpoint is not uncommon. I would dare…

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Why Astrology Should Matter In Your Everyday Life Astrology Trainings 

Why Astrology Should Matter In Your Everyday Life

Eliza Miller, 26, writer of this article, is a stay-at-home mom of two sweet kids in Miami, Florida. Miller believes astrology and uses it to guide their everyday lives. We often wander aimlessly in this vast wilderness called life. We need a guide to help us figure out what we can do next.  Astrology helps us with our daily life since it gives us a detailed description on almost every aspect of life.  With the help of astrology, we can determine if we need to start something new, if we…

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Ancient Indian Meditation Technique of 108

Learning how to meditate may much resemble of being an infant who is learning how to walk. It is something you complete as a essential life skill as you fall down many many times, but eventually you master the skill somehow – you find your way. Similar as to meditation, at first you might be skeptical, uncertain, unsure of what you are doing, or if you are doing it right, or wondering why you are doing it. Bit later, the benefits from learning how to meditate return for the good to…

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29 Reasons Why Your Name is No Accident. Decode Your Destiny

At the moment you were born, your limitless potential was encoded in your destiny. Unfortunately, many of us spend years and years until figuring out the right path to move on through life. Others never manage to do that. There are several ways how you can encode your destiny and dissolve that dark curtain which keeps you from your leap forward in life. One of these ways ties with your name and your date of birth, a key information that is connected with your specific cosmic vibration, and is part of…

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Bizarre Things Astrology Has Been Used For Astrology Trainings 

10 Bizarre Things Astrology Has Been Used For

The once-loved science of astrology today has been moved to the back pages of the newspaper, or as a daily update in your email, usually read for a laugh. Our star signs mean little more than a neat tattoo idea, and many of us tend to just take them less seriously. But throughout history, astrology has been an honest-to-gosh science, used by many, and for far many applications in every day life than just telling fortunes. See some of those practical applications in this article below. This List of Bizarre Things…

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