Life Begins at The End of Comfort Zone Relationships Trending 

Life Begins at The End of Comfort Zone

FROM HERE TO THERE, CONSCIOUS LIVING I’m on day 6 of the 7-Day Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. And while I have been stretching myself with my pink and blue hair, (on day 1 at age 63) mostly I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone with business related things since that’s what I’m focused on currently. However, my friend inspired me yesterday to do something physically challenging and so while I’ve been wanting to go to kundalini yoga and meditation, I have always found an excuse to…

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Jeanine Just: INTERDEPENDENTLY Wealthy, MeditationTalks Relationships Trending 

Jeanine Just: INTERDEPENDENTLY Wealthy

Together We’re Better! Ben Franklin said, “We must hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately.” These words of wisdom are currently very important because we’re shifting from our independence and independently wealthy consciousness … to interdependence and being interdependently wealthy.   Many people are struggling from being stuck in polarized extremes. One extreme is co-dependent, dependent, and over-giving, victim, doormat—and the other extreme is independent, controlling, narcissistic and self-centered. Because these extremes are polarized it has been difficult to find the centering point of inter-dependence. People have been bouncing back…

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Pati Hope: Living Beyond Obligation, MeditationTalks Relationships Trending 

Pati Hope: Living Beyond Obligation

From Here to There: Holiday Traditions – Conscious Living (part 5 out of 5) written by Pati Hope It’s easy to get caught up either in the excitement of the season or to become cynical and non-participating. Mindful living challenges us to pause, check in with ourselves and make conscious decisions on how we want to partake in this holiday season, not from obligation but from a place of choice. Thank you for joining me for the past five weeks as we’ve explored the possible evolution of holiday traditions and…

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Conscious Holiday Living: The Art of Re-Gifting

Part 4: From Here to There by Pati Hope Last week, we discovered that there are many different ways to show our love and appreciation for others and although gifts are just one, in our society of consumerism, marketers would have us think that buying and getting more stuff is the road to happiness. As we continue our quest to live mindfully during the holidays, it’s imperative that we take time to know what we want from this holiday season. Otherwise we can become scattered, simply saying yes to things…

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Conscious Holiday Traditions - Love Languages Relationships 

Conscious Holiday Traditions – Love Languages

From Here to There (Part 3 of 5) By Pati Hope The first duty to every human being is to himself. Every person owes himself the duty of finding how to live a full and happy life. Napoleon Hill Knowing ourselves on a deeper level only comes when we are willing to be still and listen as the desires of our heart reveal themselves to us. Everyone wants to be seen and feel loved but sometimes we don’t even know what we can do for ourselves or what others can do…

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i-choose-love-ag-billig-book-review Relationships Trending 

A.G.Billig: ‘I Choose Love’ – Praise & Author’s Words

Earlier in November, A.G. Billig appeared with a wonderful article at MeditationTalks that contemplates on how love is a choice we consciously make in life. Love is a choice we make every second until we restore it to our default state of being. It manifests then in every aspect of our existence: family, career, finances, and health. In the way we touch our significant other and say “dear mom” over the phone. In the heart and soul we pour into your professional activity with the intention of helping other people. –…

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Reaching New Heights Together - New Sacred Partnership Paradigm, Meditation Talks Relationships Trending 

Reaching New Heights Together

The Magic of Spiritual Partners Sharing Destinies and Dreams Have you given up on fulfilling relationships? If so, I want to inspire you to dream again—to awaken hope for lovingly relating together in a complimentary spiritual partnership. Because spiritual partnerships are totally different from romantic relationships—you’ll need to prepare yourself for “unlearning and relearning.” Sit back, relax and read this article with your heart-mind open to new ideas, possibilities … and totally new ways for reaching new heights together.   Many of us have put ourselves through hell in intimate relationships…

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A.G. Billig, I Choose Love Relationships Trending 

Love Is A Choice

Author: A.G.Billig A few years ago, I bought a nice T-shirt that stated Love forever. The embroidered red heart was more appealing than the message. My life experience had taught me that romantic relationships weren’t meant to last. I didn’t blame my partners; not even my parents could accept me for who I really was. True love or forever love seemed so impossible as eternal youth. I still have the T-shirt, but nowadays the letters on the front have a different meaning. Love is no longer an abstract concept or a…

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What is Your Vocation of Destiny Lifestyle Relationships 

What Is Your Vocation Of Destiny?

Are you ready to play the CONTRIBUTION GAME? Are You Looking For Work In All The “Right” Places? Only a few people know about this growing movement to re-conceptualize work, careers, and jobs … as well as how to choose them. The new focus is on a “vocation of destiny”—your  calling, life-work, right livelihood, or area of tranceformational service. “Work” for many will be based on their mission, life purpose and soul’s intention—”Work” that brings JOY and money. Instead of work being something to do to make money or pay the bills, lifework is a…

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Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson have quite some wisdom to share with each and every one of us. One would not stay indifferent upon reading her books, or listening to her audio-book which we share with you below. In her books, she tackles essential topics of life and growth. As she shares some of her personal experience, she also reveals how a book on course on miracles influences her at a time, as she straight-forwardly puts it, feels as if she was dying inside, and everybody else inside, but as a sort of…

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