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Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it

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Yoga mat as a silent partner

Unlike other exercise program which requires you to use different machines and equipment, yoga as a discipline does not need much but a mat. One of the first few essentials that you should buy in addition to a yoga outfit is a yoga mat that will serve as your silent partner in all the yoga routines and movement that you will accomplish during your yoga sessions. Another essential that should be part of your shopping list when starting yoga is the yoga mat bag, which will help protect your yoga mat and will help you lug it around from your office to the gym to the house.

Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it

Yoga mat bags come in different styles and materials. Less expensive ones that are sold in the market are often made from materials like cotton, linen or hemp. These kinds of yoga mats are also recommended for people who are on the go because they are easily washed and are easily carried.

More expensive ones are made of leather. There is actually no difference when it comes to functionality as all these materials will protect your yoga mat. Leather, however is more durable and more fashionable. Besides if you feel that you will be taking yoga for a very long time, the leather mat bag will be a greater option for you because it will look even better with age.

Knowing whether leather is quality depends on what people call the “hand-feel.” The softer the feel of the leather in your hands, the better its quality is. You should also take note of tears and markings in the leather surface.


  • Size matters!

In buying a yoga mat bag, it is important that you take careful attention on some features of the yoga mat. One of the main things that you should take into consideration is of course the size of the mat. Some people make the mistake of looking for yoga mat bags first before buying the yoga mat. This should not be the case as the bag should be roomy enough to hold your mat and a whole lot more!

Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it


  • Locks and zips

Before buying yoga mat bags, you should first try to open and close the zippers easily. If you are planning to put some really personal items like wallets and stuff especially if you do not have any lockers at your yoga class, choose the designs that have locks. Another feature that you should look into is the stitching on the drawstrings, which will make it more heavy duty.


  • Pockets and straps

Features that you should also look for in yoga mat bags are pockets on the side, which can hold some of your knick-knacks. This is especially needed if you do not bring an extra bag where you can place your keys and money. Another great feature that you should look out for are inside pockets where you can keep small items. This will prevent you from rummaging inside the bag all the time. Adjustable straps are also good as this will help you tailor-fit the bag according to your body frame.


  • Fashion statement 

Who says that you can’t be fashionable even when you are going to your yoga classes? There are so many designs and colors that you can choose from. Some are sporty looking while others have more artistic slants into the designs.


  • Caring for Your Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga mat bags are very important because not only will it hold some of your personal items when you are going to yoga classes but these bags also protect your yoga mat from tear and dirt.

For the budget conscious, a yoga mat bag that is made of cotton or linen is already a good deal. Although linen and cotton are not as durable as the more expensive leather material, they will do especially if owners will learn to take good care of their mat bags.
In fact, some even prefer cotton and linen yoga mat bags because they are washable and easier to carry compared to leather that you cannot wash. Still, leather yoga mat bags are recommended for people who will practice yoga on the long term as leather-made bags are more durable and will not wear out.


Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it

In caring for your cotton and linen yoga mat bags, you should remember to always abide by the washing instructions. This is important as some materials may not be machine washable. Also, if you have chosen yoga mat bags that are colorful, make sure that you wash them with clothes that are also colored.

Before putting your cotton and linen yoga bags in the dryer, make sure that the material is not the kind that will shrink. To be on the safe side, when drying press the cool setting or just let it naturally dry by laying it flat under the sun.

Leather may be durable but it does not mean that you will take it for granted and not care for it. Leather mat bags are trickier to take care of because you cannot wash them except through dry cleaning, which can be awfully expensive when done frequently.
As prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, it is important that you already anticipate the problem and put some water and stain repellent in the leather immediately after purchase. These are available in your local hardware stores.

Stuff your leather bag with tissue paper when you are not using it. This is done to maintain the shape of the bag. Another way to preserve the appearance of the bag is to wipe away dust after use. You can use a dry cloth or a slightly wet cloth. Leather needs to be stored in places where there is open air. Never ever store your leather bag mat bag in a plastic bag because this will only increase the possibility of moisture and molds settling in.

Buying a Yoga Mat Bag and Caring for it

You should also avoid exposing it to too much heat or humidity by putting it directly under the heat of the sun. People often make the mistake of leaving their leather yoga bags inside the car for weeks. Heat from the sun when the car is parked can be damaging to the leather.

Another kind of leather which is even trickier to take care of is suede, which can be very high-maintenance. Wiping it dry can be very hard as the surface can turn rough and hard when not done properly. If you suddenly spill something on suede, try to wipe off as much of the stain as you can. Use a suede brush and gently brush the stain off. Do this until the leather is completely dry. This will loosen and soften the material.


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