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Brahma Muhurta-Waking Up at this Time Will bring You Greater Results in Your Life

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In western culture waking up early is a daunting task.  In fact, if we could sleep in longer everyday it is believed that we will get rid of the sludge in our bodies.  We have been taught that getting as much sleep as possible will re-energize and rejuvenate us in our lives.  There are very few things that farmers and businessmen have in common.  However, this habit seems to follow a myriad of successful individuals, powerhouses, professional athletes and yes, the occasional billionaires.  So how does a farmer get in the same text as some of these guys? It’s called the Brahma Muhurta- “The God’s Hour” or “The Creator’s Hour”. For many of us night people we call it the God Forsaken Hour.

Brahma Muhurta-Waking Up at this Time Will bring You Greater Results in Your Life

However, there is some scientific facts behind this time of day.  The Brahma Muhurta according to recent studies this time of day can add stability especially for those of us who practice meditation and yoga.  Beginning our practice at the hour of Brahma Muhurta allows the body to receive information, clarity and emotional stability.  This is also the time when our pineal glands are at it’s highest peak.  Our brains are open and able to receive and translate powerful images from dreams also known as dream yoga.  Inspiration normally comes during the divine hour.

Brahma Muhurta Hour is the sweet hours of 4:00-5:30am usually 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to Sunrise.  This is when you are able to gather yourself together without clutter. Toxins are removed from the body.  When we collaborate the Brahma Muhurta with a short practice of yoga followed by meditation we become enlightened, awaken and energized.  “The early bird gets the worm” is literally true.  When you awake at this hour and weave it into a daily practice alongside your practice the results are Mind-Fantastic.  Those who awaken at the Astronomical Twilight hours are more productive, creative and influential.  Those who sleep in until the actual sunrise which is around 5:30am-6:30am depending on location often feel more negative, sluggish and unmotivated.

 Brahma Muhurta-Waking Up at this Time Will bring You Greater Results in Your Life

Brahma Muhurta is prior to the sunrise.  It is opens the brain to learn more, lower blood pressure and alleviates stress. Awake & Arise before the Sunrise gives you more strength, clarity, relaxation and inspiration.  This is when we can utilize our super powers and creates something beautiful and lasting.  We become conscientious regarding our finances, relationships, work, environment and life in general.  We have an appreciation for what we have missed all these years sleeping in late.  We can truly connect to the divine and the knowledge He wishes to unfold before us daily.

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Dr. Lila Robinson “Diary Girl” is an author, blogger and owner of Passion’s All Natural Bath and Beauty. She has been writing for over 20 years.  Recently, she has expanded her writing to include presentation, speaking and of course drinking more coffee.  Diary Girl is a regular blog on Blogger, Google + and several others.

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