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Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit Amid Busyness

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We are all struggling to find some sort of balance. Today, we are hearing from every high-profile guru. Researchers are changing the tides from traditional medicine which only treats the symptoms but mask the underlying cause of the breakdown in our body.  Our minds are spinning out of control and well let’s just say our spirit is wandering somewhere in the universe trying to find itself.  We are all too busy to find some measure of balance.  So much information bombarding our brains from this device, advertisement and of course our environment.

Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit Amid Busyness

All day, we are responsible for the daily ticker that runs across our minds of, to do’s and to don’t for today.  If we stop and really thought about what it means to be busy and how it impacts our overall health we would be appalled to discover we are dying faster. Why? We are a walking disease.  Wellness is more than just about the absence of an illness of some sort but rather about being whole.  Treating the entire being.  The first thing we must learn is how to stop. To breath.  Letting go with every breath the turmoil and negative energies that we allow into our minds, body and spirit.  It’s about how we eat, interact with others, our connection with others in our environment. Taking at least 10-15 minutes in the day and another 10-15 minutes in the evening will allow you to reconnect with yourself so that you can be a source of nutrition to those around you.  Meditating twice a day for just 15 minutes a day will transform your life.  It will allow you mind to rest, your body to reboot and your spiritual energies to be restored.  Here are a few steps to help you get started.

  1. Leave early to work in the mornings so you can take 10-15 minutes in your car to just be quiet and still.  You can put on a favorite CD or purchase a meditation CD to play during this time.
  2. During your meal. Slow down. Choose raw foods, such as carrots, green salads and a fruit during the middle of the day.  While you are at work choose raw foods instead of cooked. You will find that you have more energy to complete your task.  Those who eat cooked, warm foods tend to be sluggish when returning back to work.  So they reach for a soft drink or junk foods to give them a temporary lift but soon finds it just that temporary.Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit Amid Busyness
  3. Stretch it out.  This is a great tip. During breaks or prior to get out of bed stretch your body.  You can lie on the floor or bed or sit in a chair.  Practice some simple stretching from the neck, to the shoulder, and center.  Roll your shoulders back five times and forward five times. Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit Amid Busyness
  4. Prior to your bed time perform a body scan moving from your crown down to your feet. Breathing in for 10 and breathing out for 10.  This will help you to be more restful during your bedtime.

About the author: 

Dr. Lila Robinson “Diary Girl” is an author, blogger and owner of Passion’s All Natural Bath and Beauty. She has been writing for over 20 years.  Recently, she has expanded her writing to include presentation, speaking and of course drinking more coffee.  Diary Girl is a regular blog on Blogger, Google + and several others.

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