Consciousness Survives The Death Of The Body Science & Tech Trending 

Consciousness Survives The Death Of The Body

The greatest question of all time may very well be, what happens to us when we die? While many, individuals, religions and spiritual traditions have come to their own conclusions about the ever-lasting nature of the soul, it takes a great deal of faith to be certain about the after life. To the scientific mind, this won’t do, and the question looks a little more like, what happens to human consciousness after clinical death? A team of researchers at Southampton University in the UK recently conducted one of the largest…

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Crazy Theories About Human Consciousness Science & Tech Trending 

10 Crazy Theories About Human Consciousness

10 Crazy Theories About Human Consciousness It’s been a long since Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am,” henceforth philosophy and science have independently pursued a larger understanding of consciousness, with decidedly mixed results. As a processing unit, the brain is still about 30 times more powerful than the fastest supercomputers on the planet, but if there is indeed a process or series of processes that govern our individuality and self-awareness, it has yet to be pinpointed, at least for now… As with all big questions, very smart people are attempting…

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Message To Starseeds On Life, Consciousness & Humanity Lifestyle Relationships 

Morgan Freemans Message To Starseeds On Life, Consciousness & Humanity

More was never enough. I’m eighty-six years old and sadly I’m basically Sitting on my deathbed. I have millions of dollars in the bank but I can’t buy health to save my life now. I have family and millions of fans around the world but I’m all alone now. Not even my children, or my estranged wife after many years of marriage, or brother, stand around my death bed. I lived my life wrong and I don’t want this to happen to you. If you reading this, then take evasive action –…

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State of Consciousness, meditationtalks Lifestyle Relationships 

10 Minutes of Staring into Someones Eyes Can Induce Altered State of Consciousness

We all know that altered state of consciousness can be achieved by many means, including psychedelic drugs or meditation, just to name a few. However, a recent research shows that there is a much easier way to induce this state by staring into someone else’s eyes for 10 minutes. Giovanni Caputo from the University of Urbino in Italy sorted 20 volunteers into pairs and asked them to sit at the distance of 1 meter in front of each other and stare straight into each others eyes for 10 minutes. The…

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ridiculous spiritual headquarters, Meditation Talks Lifestyle Trending 

This $145,000,000 Spiritual Headquarters Is Just Ridiculous. I’m Sure You Know Who Built It.

You have likely heard of Scientology (or instead, the “church” of Scientology). Scientology is a body of beliefs and practices created by L. Ron Hubbard, and to most folks, it looks like a cult that’s literally crazy and focused just on taking people’s money. Scientology instructs that “individuals are immortal beings that have forgotten their true nature” and through their many publications and systems you can pay for, you can achieve enlightenment. If that does not seem familiar, then you will understand all of the stars that are Scientologists: Tom…

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Trainings Trending Yoga 

39 Instances When Animals Did Yoga Better Than Their Humans

Yoga is for sure getting more and more popular. I mean, not only humans but also animals love to take the pose and get their namaste on! And you must admit – after seeing some animal yoga postures, you will admit they do it much better than humans. Just see this cat #1 & then start slide show to see 38 more instances when animals did yoga better than their human fellows! Wait until you see #33! Yes, and would still love to chase my tail!

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Meditating In An Isolation Chamber Science & Tech Trending 

Sensory Deprivation: Meditating In An Isolation Chamber

Tank, or an isolation chamber, is a capsule in which issues float in salt water at skin temperature and with no light. These tanks are used for relaxation and meditation, occasionally with a set on alternative medicine. Have you contemplated entering an isolation tank? It is sometimes a real excursion. It’s not some new age fad. It’s really a pretty old practice. From Wikipedia: John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuro-psychiatrist, developed the flotation tank in 1954. During his learning psychoanalysis at the US National Institute of Mental Health…

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Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position Science & Tech Trending 

200-Year-Old Mummy In Mongolia Found Meditating In Lotus Position

This amazing picture shows the mummified male body that is considered to be several centuries old. It was discovered at 6.30 pm January 2015 in Songinokhairkhan province, reported Mongolia’s Morning Paper. Old mummy in Mongolia Found Meditating in Lotus Position The mummified body sits in a lotus position, as if still meditating. Specialists that just had time to take fundamental visual test say they consider the body can be about 200 years old. The report also said that there is so far no evidence where the body was located. It…

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Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link , Meditation Talks Healing Trending 

Dolphins May Share A Unique Psychic Link

Dolphins are known for quite some impressive accomplishments. Setting aside the fact they can make a house out of the fatal vast ocean, they whirl and can jump through the atmosphere with little effort. But their abilities might not stop with just their physical capabilities. There are numerous theories that indicate that dolphins have a bond that goes beyond the ordinary. It has been understood for a while that dolphins are intelligent, capable to learn, and have a very natural understanding of social groups. Part of their capability has to do with the limbic systems…

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physics who communicate with animals, Meditation Talks Healing Trainings Trending 

10 Psychics Who Claim To Communicate With Animals

Although it is common enough for psychics and mediums to give us a wealth of vague advice from the dead or aliens, there are also individuals who claim to have a psychic connection with animals. These special psychics can tell us what our pets want to say, if they have medical issues, or even if they’re suffering from doggie PTSD. Start SlideShow to learn more about this group of physics who communicate with animals!

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