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Create your very own Personal Word for 2017

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has past and we’re at the end of the first month of the New Year. Perhaps now you can take a moment just for you and ask yourself this question; If you could use one word to sum up what you’d like to place your focus on for the New Year, what would it be? In other words, if you had one or two words that you can use as a guide… sort of a mission statement to hold up as a check for…

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Written by Steven Nobel I worked in the 3D System for Many Years…. I want to talk today on the subject of money and Scare-City Consciousness. To begin this piece let me give you a little background. I worked in international banking for a decade and to be honest I had no idea what was going on there. I know I felt very uncomfortable in that environment. For many years, I put it down merely to a clash of values, and this was certainly going on. You see I believe…

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Written By Steven Nobel Why is Self-Love So Important? Self-love is such a popular term in many personal development and spiritual circle. You have probably heard the theory many times and in many ways – that we cannot really love another unless we can fully accept and love ourselves. Putting it into practise can be quite another thing, after all where do we start? Is it possible to feel more self-loving by getting a new hair-do, new partner or new wardrobe of clothes? I guess it works for some but…

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How to end the war between your authentic inner light and your protective ego selves. How eventually your Higher Self can transform your ego to become a trusted vessel for your emerging light. When we begin the spiritual path, it can feel like a whole new universe opens before our very eyes. We open our hearts and minds, try out new ideas and spiritual techniques, we learn meditation, play with mantras, and meet new interesting people. In time, we find out about the importance of listening to our intuition, spiritual hygiene,…

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29 Reasons Why Your Name is No Accident. Decode Your Destiny, Meditation Talks Healing Health Trending 

16 Signs You Might Have Super Healing Powers

With the vast mysteries of the world around us, it is definite that we each have unique characteristics and talents that have been nurtured more than others. As we grow, it is important for us to be able to understand fully what these strengths are and to determine how we can use them. One important element is that of healing. Healers have been among us for centuries but with the rise of modern advancements, we are slowly failing to recognize our own innate healing abilities. So go ahead and check…

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How to meditate in any environment

With all its benefits, meditation is a practice that’s worth incorporating into your life. You may think you need to be sitting in the lotus position in a peaceful place to meditate properly, but this isn’t the case. All you really need to meditate is yourself. This means that you can meditate in any environment, no matter how noisy or distracting. Get Comfortable An important aspect of meditation is physical comfort. It helps you relax and prevents your focus being drawn to pain or discomfort. You’re also more likely to…

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3AM, When the Angels Walk

The spirits live in nature all around us. Listen with your heart, you will understand.                                                                                                             -Pocahontas Do you find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning? Do you find it irritating? Instead of thinking it’s something that needs to be fixed, perhaps you could see it as a time of Divine Intervention, that you’ve been invited to expand what you currently know and understand. Here’s my story. When I was going through a major life change, every morning at 3AM I’d wake up and write. From this…

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33 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life. #27 Will Shock You

Coconut oil is one of the most incredible natural substances in the world and have incredible health benefits that are just too amazing to go unnoticed. Coconut oil is not just great for cooking with, but it also has amazing beauty purposes as well. Go ahead and check out the list on some of the ways you can use coconut oil to lead a healthier life in 2017! Don’t miss number #27 ! It was an incredible revelation. I simply did not know that you could use coconut for such…

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5 Simple Steps To Recognise Your Ideal Partner

Written by: Tilen Nikiforov (Slovenia) Astrology offers multitude of chances for practical use. One of the most common is for finding partner or analyzing if your existing partnership is destined for success using the stars as guidance. Let’s walk together down this path and try to practically determine the value of astrology in this field. I will share 5 practical steps you can take to determine what type of a partner would be suitable for you. Are you ready? Let’s go! 1.  Dismiss everything you might have heard about certain sun signs…

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