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Answering The Unanswered !

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Article by Rahul Yuvi



While on the spiritual journey, our mind or brain keeps on raising various questions or doubts. For those, who despite all these distractions and play of mind continue to be on the path of Dhyan, most (if not all) of these doubts get cleared by themselves in due course. However, unfortunately, for many, these doubts, these confusions and misconceptions raised by the mind end up being the reasons to deviate or to completely turn back from meditation.

The very purpose of writing this blog is to answer, based on my own experience, some of the basic questions/doubts which usually bother the beginners. Further, by the title ‘Answering the unanswered’, what I mean is that these questions were more or less unanswered or at best unconvincingly answered for me till few months back as I was largely dependent on what I had read in various spiritual books or what I had seen in YouTube videos.

The Matter

# Q 1. So many people keep on saying that Meditation is great for peace of mind, it does wonders, all should do it etc. But when one says start meditating, what exactly has to be done?

My View:

See, the biggest problem / roadblock for beginners in the path of Meditation is that they think of Meditation as a process, a method which will help them attain benefits – peace of mind, happiness etc. and hence they want to learn it quickly for quick results and that’s why they are bound to face failure. I was in this category when I started off as well.

Don’t seek anything. Don’t look for results. Meditation is not a magic stick. So, we need to understand the fact that meditation is not a method, it is not a process. Rather, meditative state is our basic natural state to be in.

As for what exactly has to be done for meditation, well the funny part is that you don’t have to do anything. Just sit and do nothing for few minutes, with your eyes closed or open whatever way it suits you (though initially I would recommend with closed eyes).

Stop trying to focus at the centre of forehead or in between eyebrows or at the tip of nose etc.  Initially, just sit quietly, let itching on forehead or the arm happen, let there be a number of sounds entering your ears, let thousands of thoughts jump and dance, don’t ever try to stop them or suppress them. Just observe everything with full awareness for few minutes. Eventually you will find everything settling down. Thoughts will never be zero but jugglery of mind gradually slows down. For the first few days or months, it will take a little longer for this settling to happen but as you progress on this path, thoughts start slowing down within few minutes.

So, remember the thumb rule for meditation – daily just sit and do nothing for few minutes – morning, afternoon, evening or even at night. It is usually said that early morning or evenings are the best time to meditate.

# 2. I have been trying to do meditation but nothing is happening despite my sincere efforts.

My View : 

Nothing will happen. No magic is going to happen. In fact the very purpose of meditation is to converge towards this nothingness (Shunya / Zero). So, don’t expect anything.

Always remember the basic rule of meditation – Don’t seek anything, just be! Just keep on meditating, accepting it as a mandatory routine like brushing the teeth etc., without thinking of what you will get in return.

Besides stop ‘trying’ to meditate, daily just sit and do nothing for few minutes, meditation will automatically start happening when over a period of time you yourself start realizing what all this is about!



# 3. I sit quietly in the lotus posture for long duration still I am not getting the peace of mind.

My View : 

Well that’s because you are doing a kind of trade here by seeking the peace in return of doing meditation. It’s like you are making a conscious effort to achieve something while pretending to be seated and doing nothing. It doesn’t work like that. This subconscious and desperate desire to be peaceful is exactly what is stopping you from being one.

Keep on sitting in Dhyan , as the self-enlightenment gradually seeps in,  the feeling of peace ,joy and blissfulness will definitely prevail .But don’t make this  peace or joyful state as your goal.

# 4. I meditate regularly yet I am unable to manage my anger.

My View : 

It used to be my favourite question since I was (or probably I still am) labelled as a short tempered and impulsive person.

I would say, first of all, stop managing your anger as in any case. It’s just impossible to manage it from outside. You might suppress your anger for 20 days by stating to yourself that ‘oh, since I am doing meditation so I don’t have the right to be angry anymore’, but it will eventually come out as a volcano on the 21st day for sure. In the last few years I have personally experienced that on more than one occasion, before I finally realized that the only way out is in and not otherwise.

Also, you will be continuously judged by people around who will keep poking you saying that ‘hey, you do meditation but you just lost your temper, you just over reacted, you seem to be under anxiety attack’ etc. Don’t bother. These things will happen, but just ignore them. You don’t need a certificate from anybody after all.

So just keep on meditating. In due course of time, as your inner world start making you realize the truth, all these strong emotions of hatred, anger, anxiety, extreme attachment etc. will automatically fade away.

#5. Do we really need a Guru on the path of Meditation?

My View :  

That’s an individual choice. Some find that being under the shadow of a Guru acts as catalyst in raising their spiritual energy. It might be true for them and I respect their devotion, however I personally don’t have a particular Guru, though initially I was influenced or say inspired by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev , Osho and Ramana Maharshi .

Even now, on days when I don’t feel like meditating, I read a book or watch You tube videos of these enlightened people however none of them is or will be my Guru. That’s because as you progress on this path, you start realizing the power of the Guru that’s residing inside you. Those who are into meditation will immediately understand why I am saying what I am saying. After a few months, you understand one fact. Clearly, listening to or reading about an enlightened person can at best inspire you to commence your spiritual journey.

# 6   Some good books to read / persons to follow to get started?

My View :

‘To get started’ is the key word here as once you start realizing things  you no longer need any book or person to inspire you.

Having said that, there is no denying the fact that a good spiritual book can surely get you started or get you back on track if you go haywire on the way.

So here are a few persons whose books/ videos have assisted me so far in my spiritual journey: Osho , Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev , Ramana Maharshi, Thich nhat hanh, BK Shivani, Sandeep Maheswari , Rumi and ofcourse , Jiddu Krishnamurti.

If I were to strongly recommend a single particular reference, then that would be Ashtavakra Gita  and hence a beautiful book on the mystic Ashtavakra –Enlightenment- The Only Revolution !

P.S. – I would gladly call myself a seeker, a beginner on the spiritual path , who has (by divine’s grace)  probably learnt and experienced  a thing or two. That’s it. Nothing more than that.

Would love to hear your thoughts & feedback.

Namaste and goodbye till my next write up!

About the Author

Rahul is a civil engineer by profession but a travel enthusiast, an ardent wanderer, a family traveler &  blogger!  Did you like this post? Check out his blog for other great articles “inside out with Rahul Yuvi ”  here .




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