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Ancient Indian Meditation Technique of 108

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Learning how to meditate may much resemble of being an infant who is learning how to walk. It is something you complete as a essential life skill as you fall down many many times, but eventually you master the skill somehow – you find your way.

Similar as to meditation, at first you might be skeptical, uncertain, unsure of what you are doing, or if you are doing it right, or wondering why you are doing it. Bit later, the benefits from learning how to meditate return for the good to you. You want to learn more and more. You become interested in yoga or reiki healing, in opening your chakras or checking about the meaning of your name through dedicated astrology readings. Suddenly, it’s a brand new universe.

Eventually, as all infants, you must learn to embody meditation and related abilities through experience. The baby must step forward on her or his own accord and invariably there will be some falling, miss outs and miss guide, but everything is an experience that builds to a fine result.

We all learn by taking on some practice. We must be as babies learning to walk, included in a process of development. As is walking part of the natural things we strive to learn as we grow, so is meditation. The only difference is, the first is a physical activity, the former is a metaphysical one. Both, help us investigate our surrounding, our very own reality.

This leads us to one very intriguing questions, and that is: how do you explain the metaphysical practice of meditation to somebody who is beginning meditation? A young person that is let’s say. To make it a bigger challenge, how do you explain by using the number 108?

If there were to be a numerical symbol of meditative and yoga practice, it would need to be 108 Why so? The number 108 is the union between the microcosm and macrocosm, the inner and outter worlds. Aside, there’re incalculable aspects of the number 108 that related to spirituality, astrology, instinct, science and astronomy.

Being a divine metaphysical number, 108 is directly relevant to meditation and meditative movement. It is represented in numerous meditative practices; by the 108 movements of long form Tai Chi Chuan… the 108 movements of the Five Tibetan Rites Of Rejuvenation… the 108 sun salutations performed by Yogis on solstices and equinoxes… and meditators using Mala Beads count mantra repetitions of 108.

how to do meditation, Meditation Talks
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108 Describes How to Meditate

108, metaphysical subject matter and as all esoteric, has many layers. In part, one level of 108 represents the trinity of time: 1 for the present, 0 for the past and 8 for the future that is infinite. From this perspective, these steps to meditation can be comprehended through 108.

To attain the highest aspect of meditation and let that state that is incorporate into your everyday life, focus on the number 1. So that you can be in a meditative state you need to uncover the oneness of the moment. Being present, is step one. Actively think on 1 thing – the breath. Thinking on 1 thing, only the natural breath cycle, allows us to take the next step; that would be to think on 0 things, to be free of the past, and still in the present moment. The past, no matter if it’s not good or good or whatever, should be with dynamic weight that is absolutely 0, as nothing in that moment. Afterward, for the reason that instant of 0, we are capable to receive of the “future” – the endless unknown – in an open and current state.

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And what a relief this can be, similar to all of a sudden being able to walk and explore all on your own. You’re open to perceive and understand components of the infinite, when you can think about 1 matter, and then 0 things.

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The Cosmic Significance of 108

The most astounding aspect of the amount has just lately been scientifically revealed, directly correlating astrology with astronomy and suggesting intuitive comprehension. Its meaning was made validating the metaphysical number in individual theological, astrological and celestial celestial theories.

We’re flowing in an ecosystem that is flowing in a solar system that’s flowing in the greater system that is worldwide. The celestial relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon is balanced with the exact spaces fluctuating somewhat during our spherical revolution, in a ratio of 108.

The diameter of Our Planet at its equator is 7926 miles. The typical space between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter: 93,020,000 miles. And, despite the fact that the Sun is about 400 times bigger compared to the Moon, they appear precisely the same size from Earth mainly because of the ratio of 108. This proportion is most obvious as the moon seems to be the same size as the sun during eclipses. And western astronomers just specifically understood this knowledge until the 20th century.

how to do meditation, Meditation Talks
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What’s in a Number?

A lot more than you can imagine actually. The amount 108 was celebrated and recognized for its intuitive worth before any particular knowledge of its cosmic astronomic importance was established. On a metaphysical level, the relationship of the Sun, Earth and Moon provide for additionally all consciousness and all life on Earth, so it is no big surprise that the relative size and the distance between the very close to use celestial bodies are in a sort of divine proportionn that resonates to this number. An interconnected celestial order and perfection. And in a way – a key to our Being.

Practicing meditative movements and meditations help us unite our mental, physical, and spiritual facets with the natural or worldwide elements. The Five Tibetan Rites Of Rejuvenation are unifying components of metaphysical and physical subjects to reach a result that is simultaneously invigorated and meditative, an ideal example.

The exact same principles can be applied to the interaction of the individual with the collective of people. We’re all united, no matter our differences; an unity of relationships and natural elements. This is often a difficult view to reach in a culture of separation — we’re all part of the kinship of mankind, and everything we see is a reflection of ourselves. We are not different from the stars, we reflect the stars. We’re not separate from each other, we reflect each other.

Be present. Admit your position in the cosmic order. Think on the breath. And as consciousness dissolves, access the boundless

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