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A.G.Billig: ‘I Choose Love’ – Praise & Author’s Words

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Earlier in November, A.G. Billig appeared with a wonderful article at MeditationTalks that contemplates on how love is a choice we consciously make in life.

Love is a choice we make every second until we restore it to our default state of being. It manifests then in every aspect of our existence: family, career, finances, and health. In the way we touch our significant other and say “dear mom” over the phone. In the heart and soul we pour into your professional activity with the intention of helping other people. – it reads.

As A.G. beautifully depicts the topic of love and how it affects us over the course of our life, we wish to share bit more of her work. As she has published a book dedicated on this topic, and under the title I Choose Love, below, check out her words on the book and praise from readers and editor.

From the author

This work will empower you to achieve your love-dream, overcome your fears, and experience true love and freedom. I need to warn you; my book will transform you. So, welcome on your journey to a new life, built on love. The journey will not be easy, but I promise it will be rewarding. It will empower you, help you to achieve your love-dream, overcome your fears, experience true love and freedom.

Be ready to question what you’ve been taught and experience a different approach to life in the first part of the book. Roll up your sleeves and make the life you want with the six techniques presented in part two.

Let me tell you one more thing.

There are no dramas, just life events. There are no victims, just people with  life and destiny. You cannot choose the moment of your birth or death, but you can choose what you do in between. Therefore everything you do, do it with love.



What readers say about this book

“The author’s natural story-telling ability, her references to major personal development works and practical exercises for love will help you break out of fearful thoughts and beliefs and embrace the love that’s already there. The book will remind you that love is a choice and give you the tools to choose love every day!” Vishnu from Visnu’s Virtues

“One of the best books I have read describing why we should choose love. If you or someone you know has been hurt by love, I recommend, “I choose love” and try again. The book contains fabulous tools and the realization we are one with the universe. The change occurs as we evolve and rotate with the universe. You have a choice to love and respond positively to others.” Silencenomore

“This was a great book for re-affirming your direction in life, and deciding what you want, and taking the steps needed to make it happen!” Book Kitty

Editorial review

I read twice I Choose Love by A.G. Billig. Briefly, in many respects, an outstanding healing book.

It is a charming, different way to learn to practice love. A new efficient method to regain yourself re-crystallized through love.

In a few words, here’s my understanding of this ‘magic’ work: love does not exist through itself, as a simple act of loving between two human beings. Love is the sublimation of your existence into love. You live and become the love only when you undoubtedly feel and understand the being side by side with you, lover or not.

I Choose Love is a piece of work to be read and practiced worldwide.

Theophil Magus – philosopher and author

You can purchase your copy here

About the author

A.G. Billig is a published best-selling author, digital entrepreneur, radio and TV host, and spiritual seeker. She the recipient of several literary awards and also a contributor to various media outlets in the U.S. and Europe on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, and healthy life – style.

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