About Us

MeditationTalks is a news site that features all latest evolutionary news, information and videos that illustrate how meditation is having a powerful impact in shaping our lives. Yoga, Astrology, Meditation are just part of the topics you can stumble across this evolving website and community, that is set on a mission to celebrate, appreciate and transfer the knowledge from the ancient ways. 

Meditation is much of something that we unconsciously all do. We may not be all aware, but even a simple most common observation that we may do as we sit at a bench in the city park, or when we gaze outside the windows when we use the public bus – we are observing our close surrounding environment, hence practicing an external contemplation. If observation is an external type of meditation, that all of us, more or less, practice throughout our daily lives as most human thing we all do, the real meditation can be seen as an internal observation of ourselves. So much so, from there starts the personal story of Dominique Ng, creator of MeditationTalks.

I have been doing meditation when I was a child growing in Vietnam without really being aware of what I was exactly doing, or if I was doing it right. I was raised in a Buddhist family, so naturally meditation was part of my daily life. I have grown to understand what meditation really means over the years, however a recent divorce was a huge catalyst for me to dig deeper into the meditation power, as I was looking for remedies to ease the pain, grieve and consequently to heal my heart and soul.

Throughout my healing process using meditation, I have met others who have also significantly benefited from meditation. Further on, many of my friends started to approach me and seek some guide that will also enable them to achieve the inner balance. Finally, I came to realize that many people, and especially younger generations are seeking for more knowledge when it comes down to meditation, what exactly it is, what kinds of meditations are out there, which one is right, or which one is better…

Consequently we are standing here, having created this platform that provides much needed and valued information about meditation and related practices that could assist and help people to touch the deeper realms of their souls, to encounter themselves from a fresh new perspective and achieve balance, prosperity and joy in life.

Last but not least, as we can all bring different individual experiences, stories and knowledge from our meditative practices, Meditation Talks elevates as a platform with a mission to spark an open dialogue among people, to enable individuals to share more knowledge and learn, not only for the sole purpose of helping themselves, but also for helping humanity.