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A Path to Mindful Living

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From Here to There: The Journey to Conscious Living & Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth or a path to higher consciousness, invites us to move from here… wherever we are currently, to there… evolution, or conscious living. Beginning to live mindfully may require change. The very thought of just the word change can be scary as it takes us out of our comfort zones. And even when things aren’t currently great, at least we know what we have or what to expect and so it’s easier to stay complacent, even though we may not be happy.

When my family was young, I thought that as long as I kept everything the same, I was doing ‘it right,’ whatever that means. And as crazy as it sounds now, I patterned my family life after The Walton’s, a television series set in the depression. Of course, now, I can now see the ridiculousness of it all but at the time it was about resisting change and the evil of it all! Eventually, I began to see that everything changes and the four seasons of the year were a perfect example to begin with. As hard as resisting change is, I realized it was still easier than the harder evolutionary road, which is to evaluate, adapt and evolve. Let’s take a quick look at all three and see how they apply to mindful living.


Evaluate: Mindful or conscious living is an opportunity for us to pause. By definition they mean to be awake and focusing one’s full attention only on the present moment. So taking time to stop and evaluate our life regularly is an important thing to do when we want to live consciously. Otherwise we can just keep living in the same rote, (doing from memory, without thought) routine, familiar way.  Just as the pauses between the notes in music is what makes the music come alive, it’s also the pauses and opportunity for self-evaluation of our lives that help us to come alive by living mindfully. And when we live mindfully we’re fully aware of the thoughts and feelings that we are experiencing and we can then ask ourselves, “What’s working in my life and what’s not? Is there anything that I want to change?”

Adapt: Once we’ve asked the questions, “What’s working, what’s not and how or what do I want to change?” Then we can make a plan to adapt. When we adapt, we alter, redesign or revamp. For example, a book may be modified to make it adaptable for a screenplay. But I particularly like the explanation from a biological sense. Adapt there means to change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. So if we adapt the viewpoint from a biologist, once we’ve decided what needs to change we make a shift so that we become better suited to our own personal environment. When we decide to adapt, the changes can either be minor or major adjustments. Just ask yourself, “What would bring me joy?” and go from there.

Evolve: Once we evaluate and adapt, then, evolution just naturally follows. When something evolves, it changes or develops gradually over time and can be uncomfortable. On the personal side of evolving, I call it Becoming Real. That’s when we begin to discover who we were created to be and not necessarily who we became.

So to begin or continue on the path to conscious living, we can reflect on three things. Evaluate, what’s working and what’s not. Adapt, what can I change that will make my life more authentic to myself, and then of course evolution or conscious living just follows which brings us peace.

Article by Guest Author: Pati Hope

pati-hope-guest-authorPati Hope – Author, Founder & Executive Director of Evolve to Live

As the founder of Evolve to Live, a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Educational Outreach organization, Pati is fulfilling a long time dream. By creating this organization, she is bringing her extensive life experiences, skills as an author (three books and counting), inspirational speaker, transitional coach, energy healer and adventurer under one roof to benefit her clients and community. She is passionate about providing workshops, educational outreach, sessions and speaking to groups both large and small to share her insights and experiences.  Pati embodies the mission of Evolve to Live, which is to “Embrace Change and to live life with renewed passion and joy!”

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