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7 Tips & Tricks How to Thrive Through the Holidaze

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#7 Bury the hatchet. After all, this is a family season

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Whether you love them or hate them (or a little of both), your family can be the major threat to jeopardize those much appreciated hours of mindfulness, calmness and comfort during the holidays. Whatever you do, just don’t resist. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with your family.

Bury the hatchet if you are angry with your mom, your dad or your kiddo, or whoever it is that may have hurt your feelings or to whom you are holding a grudge. Let go off the negative emotions. Meditate and forgive (though the other person may not forgive you back or whatever the story is). What will infuse real mindfulness over the holidaze are those tender moments that only you personally can gift to you and your family.

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