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7 Tips & Tricks How to Thrive Through the Holidaze

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#6 Be present & live in the moment

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Whatever you decide to do over the holidays, don’t forget one of the most important things: Be present and live in the moment. At moments this may sound trivial to hear and read almost everywhere you end up reading tips and tricks on how to stay mindful and grounded. But it’s the essence of all experiences if you really wish to experience them.

Potential distractions will always hang around in the air. Those may be your worries about the future and how you are going meet ends in 2017, or worries of something you did over the last 12 months. Distraction may be your smart phone, your computer or other gadgetry. Leave the gadgetry aside, especially when you feel a special moment of connection with your friends, your family or with yourself wherever you are. Shift your attention from your thinking, and be mindfully present in the situation that unfolds to you. Meditation can certainly help you master the momentum.

Huawei #BePresent Christmas ad will sum up most of this tip in wonderful one minute video – see it here:

video source: Huawei Mobile Poland

One last reminder awaits you at the final slide of this compilation of 7 tips how to thrive through the holidaze

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