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7 Tips & Tricks How to Thrive Through the Holidaze

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#3 Put yourself high on your priority list

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If it has been a long and exhausting year, admit it to yourself. Maybe some things happened to you that have really hurt you, things that will hurt for a very long period of time. If that is so, put yourself high on your priority list. Making time for you then is not optional if you want to thrive in 2017 – it’s mandatory.

The holiday season is perfect occasion to stop, shortly reflect and accept everything that happened to you during 2016, and proceed further by first allowing yourself to enjoy the commodities of spending your time with you as your own best friend. Without excuses. If you just want to be lazy and sit around the house, do it. If you want to travel, go and travel (hint, check slide #5). If you want to start writing a book, then do that. Whatever feels right and whatever fulfills that gut feeling that you really need to spend time with you this Christmas, do that.

Finally, this also mean to be especially gentle with yourself. If you pushed your limits in 2016, also try to listen to your body, what does it say and whether it needs healing. Try yoga or reiki healing. Everything will work out well at the end.

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