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7 Tips & Tricks How to Thrive Through the Holidaze

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#2 Let go of expectations

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Sometimes we over-fantasize about everything that we are going to do once the holidays are here. Not just the Christmas season, but the spring break or the summer holidays as well. Later on, when we find out that nothing really happened out of what we imagined and wanted in our mind, and that we only filled our head with false expectations, that we will travel to Japan (but travel budget was short), or that our partner will have a really nice surprise for us this year (but we never gave the hint for it…), or that big friends reunion (but half the people cancelled), only then we have realized that we have attached ourselves and spent energy on how it was supposed to be. Let go of that! Allow yourself to be free from over-fantasizing or wishful thinking. Take things as they are.

Sit down, ground yourself with some meditation. Watch some new documentary that will expand your perception and that will give you new ideas what to do in 2017. Go for a massage. First and foremost, it is you who adds to the beauty of your own life.

Keep going the tips and tricks. If you loved this one, you will love the next one even more!

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