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7 Tips & Tricks How to Thrive Through the Holidaze

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 #1 Learn to say “NO”

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There is this saying in India that goes ‘Satyam bruyat, priyam bruyat” and it would translate to something as to tell the truth so sweetly that nobody can really blame you for that. When saying ‘NO’ to somebody make that NO with a smile, use clear words firmly so that the person you are addressing does not feel offended. This precious tip can help you be honest with yourself and the rest of the world about what you really want to do during the holiday season.

Psychologist agree that we all love when we are being liked and appreciated. We are compelled when we receive our own myriads of invitations to events and opportunities to spend time with very different people, go to various places, but saying YES to all of those invitations may not be the best thing we can do for ourselves. As the end of the year approaches, all sort of events just seem to pop up here and there. Sometimes it becomes a real frenzy, and you may find yourself out and about Monday through Sunday. As much as this can satisfy your social appetites for a while, it might also mean to have no personal time, drink too much alcohol or spend very little time with your nearest and dearest ones.

Calculate wisely what’s in your best interest. Are all events all good for your mental health, or do some of those people might act like energy vampires and suck out all positive energy out of you? Have you experienced this in previous seasons and then needed the time after the holidays to recover from all that fuzz and noise that was happening during the holidays? These are all valid questions to which you should answer, hence try to reconsider to which people you say YES, and to which you say NO during the holidaze.

In reality, all those people and events may just get us deviated by occupying ourselves with something that was actually not so important.

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