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7 Amazing Benefits of Practicing Yoga While Travelling

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Article by Om Singh

“To travel is to inspire, to be inspired and to live.” Indeed. Getting the opportunity to withdraw from the frenetic lifestyle for a week or two for the purpose of traveling to places you have never been before can truly be rejuvenating, relaxing and rehabilitating.

How about integrating the science of yoga with the soulful traveling? Well, this combination makes for a transformative experience. Practicing the yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation while traveling on a holiday gives you an opportunity to stay connected with your core, to grow and to find your strength.

In the below section, we share seven benefits of yoga practices whilst on holiday.

1. Deepens Relaxation Process:
Traveling to a different destination is a chance for you to leave behind the monotonous life and the stresses that come along with it. Being away from the regular routine is very relaxing in itself which can be further deepened by the practice of yoga. While on a holiday, delve into the practice of subtle yoga asanas like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Adho-Mukha Svanasana and more that cultivates heightened attention allowing you to notice your body sensations, the surrounding sounds that make every moment more enriching for you. When you feel more connected to your body, you enter a deeper state of relaxation. Travel to yoga retreats, the health vacations meant for absolute relaxation and rest.

2. Embrace Emotional and Mental Well-Being:
Traveling to a new place is an opportunity for you to discover the new you. And, with the practices of yoga and meditation, you start to develop a connection with the self and nature. The inter connection of the inner self and nature results in greater emotional well-being. The emotional well-being supports mental wellness, which can be enhanced with the regular practice of meditation. Reduction in stress, activated the parasympathetic nervous system, sharp focus, etc. are some of the health benefits of yoga and meditation.

3. Maintains Healthy Body:
Traveling can be physically exhausting for some of you. The long commuting hours, awkward positions of sleeping and plenty of activities during the day leave you low on energy. Therefore, begin your day with the practice of yoga while traveling on holidays. Spend a few minutes in the practice of standing yoga poses and back-bends that stretches your spine thus retaining its natural position as well as strengthens the weak muscles of the body. The yoga asanas also ease the discomfort that you may be experiencing from long sitting hours while traveling, etc.

4. Sleep Better:
When you are traveling, you are full of mixed emotions: excitement, nervousness, and stress. In addition to this, the changing routines of sleep can make it hard for you to fall asleep. The practice of restorative yoga asanas such as Balasana, Baddha Konasana, Savasana relaxes your body and mind thus helping you sleep better. You can practice meditation as well to calm your senses allowing you to have a restful sleep. Play some soothing music in the background while you meditate to enhance the benefits of yoga and meditation.

5. Healthy Gut:
Traveling and holidays mean a break from normal routine, including the regular diet patterns. But as you keep with your yoga practices, you are motivated to eat mindfully. Also, the practice of Uttanasana, Dhanurasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana keeps your digestive system healthy and belly fat in check. Also, increased appetite is one of the health benefits of yoga giving you the opportunity to relish delicious delicacies without having to worry about calories and body fat. So, this time when you travel, indulge in a culinary experience without guilt with the art of yoga.

6. Stay Rejuvenated:
While traveling, keep yourself rejuvenated with the practice of yoga asanas and yogic breathing techniques. Delve in the practice of yoga asanas and pranayama techniques that fosters detoxification, calmness and improved quality of prana in the body thus keeping you rejuvenated all day long. Also, when you feel refresh, you enjoy traveling more that makes it a lifetime experience to cherish forever.

7. Rehabilitate Inside-Out:
Practicing yoga while traveling is beneficial for both body and mind. The techniques of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation keep the body and mind healthy while the joy of traveling uplifts the spirits. Together, they rehabilitate you inside-out allowing you to return back with a robust body, calm mind and stabilized soul. So, inspire yourself to practice yoga while traveling for the greater good of your body, mind, and soul.

With the science of yoga, be inspired to stay healthy while traveling. Have a happy and healthy voyage.

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