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6 Ways How to Build Resilience Backed by Science

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#6 To hold on, you must let go of everything that not serves you well.

video source: TEDx Talks

It is sometimes fascinating to observe how much we hold on to things that does not serve us well anymore. Feeding ourselves with negative emotions that may be caused by a number of reasons, cultivated from simple acts of not forgiving people, or bigger things like not being able to leave that job that does not fulfill you any longer. Whatever it is, you must understand that it is only you who hold on to it. Nobody else. It is only you who could change all that, revamp and reinvent it.

See above Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva’s video that teaches us how to reinvent ourselves, our lives, organizations and companies, by letting go of what does not serve us good any more, and by embracing the reinvention processes in our lives. Can you identify those moments in your life? According to Nadya, we should introspect ourselves constantly and go for a personal reinvention process each 2.5 years. It’s a whole science of unlearning what we know and re-learning all over again. It’s a game where we either learn to thrive or perish, either as persons or as a society.

Beyond that, we must understand resilience as something we cannot thrive without on this planet, especially in times when for example climate change is not a hoax . When the future is uncertain either for us personally, or/and for the planet.

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