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6 Ways How to Build Resilience Backed by Science

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#5 Read the good books of fiction

scientifically proven ways to build resilience, MeditationTalks

No matter what you do in life, what is your hobby or work, there is one activity that’s a real oldie but goldie – it’s called reading good books of fiction and was by far more popular before technology took over the planet. You can keep on reading non-fiction books, text books, meditation books, learn from the latest mobile apps or else, but diving deep in fictitious worlds is something you don’t want out of your weekly agenda. Go for good and big authors like: Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Ernest Hemingway or Tony Morrison. These authors will allow you to learn and grow, because you are not reading just a cheap piece of fiction, but you are absorbing something from the most literary minds of literature.

Reading is scientifically proven to change your life and the benefits of it are numerous, including enforcing your character and making you a more resilient person. Fiction can do miracles to your mind. It can tear down the negative thoughts and feed your brain with new ideas and new worlds. Fiction enables you as reader to identify and draw parallels from the real world to the fictitious ones. By doing those parallels, you are able to find solutions much faster what to do in life, and in addition learn behavior tricks, boost your communication and diplomacy skills and much more.

Last but not least, learn what it means to allow yourself to reinvent on the final slide, and how important is that for us personally and for the world.

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