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6 Ways How to Build Resilience Backed by Science

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#3 Expose yourself to your fears

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Fears are like piranhas for our mental, and consequently, our physical well being. What are your fears? Can you divide them into two groups? The first be it rational fears, the second – the irrational ones. Your resilience is oftentimes threatened by both, but what you can eliminate at ease, is to work on the irrational fears which you may face.

The mechanism of fear is that it pushes us back in life and that immediately decreases our capability to be resilient and innovative with what’s it gonna be our next step in life. What if your irrational fear is reliving a huge earthquake that does not happen every other day, however it could happen. Should you really tremble and fear the thought of it? It’s a distraction. What about when the earthquake really hit? Will you allow to be overwhelmed by your fear at the cost maybe of your own life?

Try to overcome fears by exposing yourself little by little to it. This is so in order you gain a more positive association with the thing you fear of. We are not asking you to stimulate an earthquake here, just so you can feel more comfortable in case it happens, but take on something more practical, something that bothers you every day – you name it. Don’t let your fears be your piranhas. Instead, you turn into a piranha for your fears.

Here are scientifically backed up methods and ways that you can check out and that can give you ideas how to overcome your fears and surpass them, making yourself little more resilient every step of the way.

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