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6 Ways How to Build Resilience Backed by Science

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#2 See Life Through Another Pair of Spectacles: Re-write the narrative


We all have good days and bad days, but sometimes life is diminishing, or nature, or government. The reasons of our unhappiness can be endless and it all puts down to how well we can take it. By allowing ourselves to see things from a different angle, we allow ourselves to turn and turn the bewildered gyre into our own account (the gyre as conceptualized by the Irisih poet William B. Yeats, who projects the life force as an ever-evolving and moving spiral, the gyre as a perplexed life force phenomenon).

What would happen if you sit down and write 15-20 minutes about your anxiety, your fear, your issue? How well you can tackle your problem by just writing? It is not a task or a method where you are asked to do a masterpiece of a writing. Moreover, it is your introspective momentum through which you can gain much insight of how much words can have the actual power to change you personally. So use your words. Use the writing that will emerge from your subconsciousness.

This is also close to what the representatives of surrealism did in their early days. They practiced so called automatic writing, also known as the surrealists’ automatism, something that later on psychoanalysts would embrace themselves (Freud included). The automatic writing would enable the writer to just put down on paper their stream of thoughts, without resisting any of the thoughts. It enables the practitioner to reach deeper realms of the mind, turn the story upside down and find the niche that will work out just well.

A 2014 study also states that engaging with writing down your thoughts, allowing yourself to express and go deeper and deeper with what’s going in your mind, enables the practitioners to become more engaged with life in general afterwards. As art therapist would recommend coloring as one of the best alternatives to meditation, psychologists would also very often recommend keeping a diary or a memoir, or just scheming down thoughts in a notepad, as something that has therapeutic effects for the patient.

So yes, grab a pen, have your memoir ready and start writing. This will enable you to adjust the narrative of your own life. Imagine it, just as you are adjusting your computer settings, writing can be just much about adjusting your own resilience.

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