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6 Ways How to Build Resilience Backed by Science

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#1 Engage with meditation and mindful practices

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Maybe easy to predict our #1 point, as you have stumbled upon a page much dedicated to meditation, but the scientific facts are that meditation has a wide-range of health and psychological benefits for people in general. That is confirmed by various studies. Meditation and mindful practices are proven to directly effect and change the brain and the body.

As gurus of mindfulness meditation wish to remind us, during our daily lives, our brains get virtually dizzy from all sorts of mind-boggling thoughts. These can be worries of something that has happened in the past – yesterday or even 10 years ago. Other thoughts are worries of the future. But, mindfulness meditation is something that shifts your brain into the present moment, to the nowness. It enables you to forget about your problems, your bills, your administration, work or anything that might be bothering you. It is in the Now where we can find peace and get away from our fears, anger, despair or other negative emotions.

Through using meditative practices like the Body Scan, you go from toe-to-head and release tension that may have anchored in particular parts of your body. If you have a pain in your neck, a pain in your back, a dancing eye, it could all speak volumes about the anxiety semantics. Body Scan has the capacity to release those focal points of anxiety. Once free from anxiety, the individual is better able to use their powers and inner capabilities, especially when hectic days come around. Further on, another study says that meditation training creates a distinct network of genes, that act well on anti-aging and improves cellular health.

Mindfulness in Plain English can be your excellent guide as somebody who begins with meditation, and watching  Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is certainly a movie you may want to see in order to understand the perplexity and the interconnectedness of life on our planet. Enjoy the selection & move on the next slide where we speak on how changing your perspectives towards life can help you build resilience.

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