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5 Simple Steps To Recognise Your Ideal Partner

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Written by: Tilen Nikiforov (Slovenia)

Astrology offers multitude of chances for practical use. One of the most common is for finding partner or analyzing if your existing partnership is destined for success using the stars as guidance. Let’s walk together down this path and try to practically determine the value of astrology in this field. I will share 5 practical steps you can take to determine what type of a partner would be suitable for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1.  Dismiss everything you might have heard about certain sun signs not going well with other sun signs … for example Aquarius not going well with Capricorn or any other combination. Astrology is an exact science, to the minute. Taking into account only a sun sign (Capricorn, Leo, etc.) is far too little to determine the match between two people. Precision is the key.

2.  Go to any of the free astrology providers found on the Internet (without promoting any of them), simply type:    ‘free birth chart’ in Google and there will be many different programs that will calculate the free birth chart for you personally, as well your partner’s. Make two charts – one for you and one for your love interest, or existing partner, hence you will be able to compare.

3.  What to look for in the chart?

  • Sexual connection: Some people are more sexually driven than others. The strongest expression of love comes out of love making. Therefore, this criteria can indicate to a lot of issues between two charts where there are different levels of sexual needs. Sexual energy is found in the birth chart in any connection between Venus- Mars or Pluto aspects, Mars-Pluto aspects, Sun- Mars aspects, Sun-Pluto aspects; planets in 8th house (especially Venus, Mars, sun and Pluto); or the sun sign In Scorpio, Leo, Aries, Pluto, Venus and Mars. If both charts have an equal share of the aspects above, we can assume an approximately equal amount of sexual desire and thus compatibility.

  • Career connection: any aspects to MC or planets positioned to MC tell about career possibilities. If they are strongly pronounced in both charts we are talking about 2 ambitious individuals that go along well together
  • Spiritual connection: having planets in the 12th or 9th house, having strong Neptune aspects or moon conjunction ascendant aspect indicates strong psychic capabilities and thus spiritual inclination. Those two charts will find comfort in each other
  • Freedom connection: Mars conjunction Jupiter, sun conjunction Uranus or trine Uranus, Uranus ascendant aspects, Jupiter in the 10th or 1st house, Mars or Sun in Sagittarius – are all people who like to move and explore the world. They don’t like to get trapped to a single place thus movement is crucial! Explore if you find this similarities in the two charts. This couple will not be scared of escaping into the world together!
  • Artistic connection: Uranus is in the 1st house, 1 or more planets in the 5th house, 1 or more planets in the 10th house, 1 or more planets in the 3rd house this all indicates artistic capabilities. These two partners will be able to share their artful expression with each other and create something beautiful!
  • Money & business connection: 1 or more planets in the 2nd or 8th house. This indicates connection on the money front. Money and security connected with it, play an important role on the individual. They will this be able to relate to each other.
  • Sport connection: Sun, Jupiter or Mars in Fire signs, 1 or more planets in the 5th house, Mars in aspects to ascendant or MC all indicates love for sports. Two partners running together makes for a healthy partnership!

5.  What’s above mentioned is still a guideline that can be used for a quick look without the need to visit a professional astrologer and make an expensive detailed birth chart. It is first aid kit for a fast assistance!

Ultimately love is about accepting your partner with his or hers pluses and minuses. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship or a couple. Finding common points and understanding the differences is something astrology can help with.

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Article by Tilen Nikiforov

Tilen is explorer of life; has devoted himself to theory and practice of life. Has already lived around the world – from Africa to Portugal, Poland, Russia, Belgium and Poland. He has seen many faces and many cultures, and finds the basic ‘human in print’ the same wherever her goes. Although working currently in the business world, he is looking to expand his spiritual practice to more creative fields, striving to make that his life mission in the future.

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