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5 Benefits of Using Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

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Article By Dale Vernor

As many of you already know, mindfulness can help you with so many things in life. One of the most amazing things mindfulness can help you with is to overcome an addiction. Many people who have suffered from an addiction to alcohol or drugs have used mindfulness and meditation to help them, not only get clean and sober, but live a fulfilling life in recovery as well. If you suffer from an addiction to any harmful substance, you can use mindfulness and meditation to help you overcome your addiction as well. Many holistic rehab centers offer mindfulness trainings as well.

Benefits of Using Mindfulness in Your Recovery
Millions of alcoholics and addicts have used mindfulness to help them overcome an addiction. You can as well. There are many benefits of using mindfulness in your recovery. Some of these amazing benefits include the following:

1. Handling stress 

Just about everyone, dealing with any tough part of life, will have higher levels of stress. This rings true for recovering alcoholics and addicts as well. If you need help in handling your stress, mindfulness practices can help to reduce your stress.

2. Reduce anxiety and depressive thoughts

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Whether this started before you decided to get clean and sober or after you began your recovery, you should know that mindfulness and meditation can help to reduce these types of thoughts and behaviors.

3.Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings 

Part of staying clean and sober is becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you aren’t able to do this, your chances of relapsing are going to be extremely high. However, if you practice mindfulness, you can become more aware of everything in your life, including your thoughts and feelings. This can greatly reduce your chances of relapsing.

4. Dealing with cravings in healthy ways 

Mindfulness has another great benefit and that is to help you prevent a relapse by handling your cravings in healthy ways. When you are experiencing cravings, you want to find a healthy way to manage them, until they go away. Many recovering alcoholics and addicts have used mindfulness and meditation practices to help them overcome their addiction and prevent relapses in their recovery as well.

5. Recognize warning signs of a relapse

When you increase your awareness through mindfulness, you can also be more aware when you are slipping towards a relapse. Being able to recognize this early-on can help you to get yourself back on the healthy path of recovery.

These are just some of the many benefits you can receive when using mindfulness in your recovery process.

Author Bio

Dale is a writer in the fields of addiction and mental health. Dale received a Bachelor’s degree in communication and now writes to help reduce the stigma of addiction and mental health. When not working you can look for Dale at your local basketball court. Find more of Dale’s work on Twitter.

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