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4 Simple Ways Meditation Can Relieve Your Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Chronic Lower Back pain has become so normal these days that people find ways to live with it rather than curing it. Sitting, walking, running, exercising, etc. if done in a wrong way can lead to enormous back problems.Working on a computer or laptop for long hours is something which is unavoidable, but with the help of effective Meditation, you can surely avoid the Chronic lower back pain caused as a result.

Physical problems cause not only physical limitations but also mental stress and psychological illness as a domino effect. So, until you find a solution for the lower back pain, how come would you be able to avoid the mental problems coming along with it? Pain is when body tissue is injured by something, and the body communicates this to the brain. Some past studies have shown that meditation has some role to play in this communication process and thereby helps reduce the pain.

How can meditation  help?
1.Diversion of attention and refocusing it on a peaceful environment:

It is often said that we feel the pain only when we think of it. Why not shift your attention to peace and not feel the pain at all? Meditation helps in reducing muscle tension, heart rate, slowing the respiration and makes the breaths deeper. All these things have an impact on pain. You just have to find a peaceful place at your home which is free of the regular interruptions. The next step would be to close your eyes and slowly forget all the tensions and worries which keep your brain cells busy and shift your focus to an environment of calmness. Start focusing more on your breath with your eyes still closed. Within minutes you would be lost in a different world where chronic lower back pain is yet to be known. Meditation helps people to recognize negative thought patterns in an effective way and be less reactive to it.


2.Mindfulness-based stress reduction:

Often our mind is filled with memories which are unsettling, thoughts which remind you of your pain and force you to believe that it would never end. Mindfulness is, in the simplest of terms, living in the present. With time, the brain improves its ability to sense the pain. Doctors have confirmed via brain scans that mindfulness helps in soothing the circuits that increase the pain. It helps in training you how to slowly apply brakes on your pain.

Along with this, it helps in pushing away the anxiety, depression, and stress caused as a domino effect. The body smoothly begins to heal itself. Many scientific trials have shown that mindfulness helps in improving memory, making reflexes better and increasing the physical and mental stamina. It takes the happiness quotient higher than the feeling of pain which effectively helps in being on the positive side. The body scan is one of the techniques of Mindfulness which can help immensely in back pain relief.

3.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT):

It is more of an intervention which is psycho-social in nature and aims to improve the mental health. It focuses on challenging the challenge of unhelpful cognitive distortions and mental behaviors. As mentioned above, chronic back pain can come with many psychological issues like stress, depression. CBT helps in dealing with such side effects of chronic pain. These issues have more negative control over the mind and can cause strained relationships due to behavioral changes if appropriately addressed this can help in producing positive strategies to cope up with the chronic pain. The deep emotional traumas inscribed in the body as chronic pain can be resolved through CBT. Studies and surveys have proven the efficiency of this therapy with results like huge stress reduction, improved relationships, and self-confidence. Studies, like the one done by Group Health Research Institute, have shown that CBT can help in providing back pain relief.

4.Deep Breathing Exercises:

People in this fast-paced century have developed a habit of doing things as quickly as they can without knowing about if it is going to give the same amount of returns or not (returns her has no monetary meaning.) One simple but the most important action we perform every second is that of ‘breathing.’ But do we actually know how to breathe properly? Shallow breathing denies the parts of our body enough oxygen does not let them rejuvenate which is a significant contributor to chronic pain and stress. The preferred way is to take some time out of your regular lives and give yourself some deep breathing boosters. Steps are simple, take a deep breath through the nose for a count of 4-5, and then breathe out through the mouth for a count of 8-9, relieving all the air which was inside your lungs. Repetition of this exercise can give amazing benefits which you might be searching for back pain relief.

No pain is good, but good steps can make it less of a problem. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle must constitute Meditation.

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