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33 Celebrities You Didn’t Know That Practice Meditation

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The number of famous people who meditate will astound you! And you won’t believe which fabulous musician hides on photo #22

More and more people acknowledge that meditation have a powerful effect on their professional and personal lives, transforming their habits, enabling them to stay more focused and keep it successful. Not to mention the joyful feeling of celebrating life that comes once you fine tune yourself with this mindful practice.

Many things are changed nowadays. If meditation was a New Age thing just a two decades ago over the 1990’s, and was even considered a sort of sectarian activity around the West, today it is elevating on a level to be mainstream. This proves the fact that many famous people have also embraced the ancient practice of meditating. Some of the proven benefits of meditation are of course reduction of stress, eradicating anxiety and the lack of happiness. Meditation is the antidote to all of these, and of course much more.

Without further ado, click Start SlideShow & find out about 33 celebrities you didn’t know practice meditation!

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