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30,805 People Meditated in Over 1,480 Locations Across the World on U.S. Elections Day

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Thousands Gather to Raise the Vibration on U.S. Elections Day

It was an inspiring and powerful experience led from the footsteps of the Texas State Capitol where 250+ people gathered in the rain to meditate and raise the vibration of the election and the nation

Our friends from the SHIFT network have organized a DAY OF HEALING this Sunday November 13th, just following the U.S. election days on Tuesday. The event featured inspiration speakers like Marianne Williamson, Sister Jenna, and more, and the even built it up after the U.S. election tension previously.

Elevate the Vote Meditation at the hub event in Austin, Texas

With the U.S. elections we collectively unlocked a vacuum of unknown possibilities. The comfort of “knowing” has been pulled out from underneath the path of billions around the States and the world, but we have already made our voice heard. We already joined the Elevate the Vote meditatoin call to action, and we sent the newly elected U.S. president love and good will – See more here

We have been collectively brought to see that the President of the probably most influential nation of the world, is now Donald Trump, a person whose actions, words and vision contradict the norms that we have been developing for decades, if not centuries.

We are standing at a point where it is hard to quite hard to argue that major change will happen. Collective human emotions  are at an all time high and protests, movements, and systematic shifts are just the natural thing to follow after such aftermath.

And yet in times like these, it is when we focus towards ourselves, we scope inwards, and we spend the time to focus on our internal growth and evolution. It is just a new doorway to many more opportunities, possibilities that we are able to only recognize now.


So, why not our demonstration be to unify to meditate and to seek Inner Peace altogether. Our collective presence will be a beacon of hope and possibility amidst the chaos of uncertainty and change. And the Meditate to Elevate the Vote initiative on U.S. Elections days is just one such initiative that resonated to mass gathering and big proportions. It just speaks of no doubt that human kind is evolving towards and enlightened society. The ride may just get a little bumpy as generations of conditioning come to the surface to be healed.

May we rise to the occasion. Step up as leaders in our communities and take a stand for the universal truths and values we all resonate with.

May our inner peace become the foundation from which everything gets created.

See more photos of Elevate the Vote initiative on social media here

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