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22 Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats in the US. Wait until you see what we keep for you at #22

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#6 And how does it sound to go fo a yoga and meditation retreat in Hawaii?

Video source: Discover Kalani: Big Island Retreat Center

Kalani is the largest retreat center you can come across in Hawaii. And what’s better than enjoying the volcanic energy of the islands and recharge yourself as you undergo the program of the Kalani center? Might actually feel like heaven on Earth.

There are daily classes for all interests, including 12 yoga styles, Lauhala weaving, hula, tai chi, dancing, meditation, and bodywork as well as life skills classes. Facilities at Kalani include a small gym, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a pool, all surrounded by a tropical jungle that ensures the campus is the ideal temperature at all times. There are also various massage rooms and multiple activity spaces, including a ceremonial lodge. You can also visit the gift shop, relax in the lounge, or play volleyball. See more information at the official webpage as well.

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