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22 Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats in the US. Wait until you see what we keep for you at #22

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#3 Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreats – Brooks, Maine


The Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation retreats are one of the best around Maine. And when they are not in Rolling Meadows, this center offers also Yoga retreats in India, Costa Rica and Italy.

Situated in 1840 renovated New England farmhouse, with walking trails, fields, gardens and a spring-fed swimming pool, the Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation retreat operate for up to 11 participants throughout the year round.

The meditation programs here are enriched with classical hatha yoga, yin and restorative yoga and pranayama. The retreat provides a supportive environment to begin or deepen the above-mentioned practices, and it also allows practitioners to understand better their patterns of behavior and find peace in their True Nature.

Sunyata (Patricia) and Surya are resident teachers at this center and they offer a rare opportunity of shared silence during the yoga retreats. Silence is a code of communication around as it allows the practitioners to create a supportive environment for opening inner silence.

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