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22 Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats in the US. Wait until you see what we keep for you at #22

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#19 Miraval Resort & Spa – Tucson, Arizona

Video source: Mirval Resort & Spa

The Mirval Resort & Spa in Tucson is a more of a luxury wellness spa resort, but none the less, it provides its visitors with a great opportunity to achieve balance in their lives. Spa accommodations are divided between 6 villages to offer a variety of features and rooms.

At the Mirval Resort & Spa center, you can come across amazing options such as body renewals, Ayurveda treatments, Oriental and energy rituals and much more. If interested, also seek information about the center’s Miraval Equine Experience. Aside, here you can enjoy also at the unique Cactus Flower Restaurant that has some amazing detox smoothies.


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