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22 Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats in the US. Wait until you see what we keep for you at #22

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#18 If you are going to San Francisco, don’t miss to visit the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

photo credits: the Green Gulch Farm

The Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is also called by another super-name – the Green Dragon Temple. It gives visitors the opportunity to experience a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist practice center for training in meditation, which makes an authentic possibility for the participants to awaken from within. A Sunday program remains always open to the public and includes lectures, tea, meditation and much more.

The center is decorated in Japanese style and you can use it to bring your own retreat program there, or attend one that the center is providing. You can partake in various classes, ceremonies, and lectures, as well as enjoy numerous Zen practice methods.

Seek more information on the website here & go through the final slides to see the last featured retreat programs in this selection

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